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  1. Hi Alan, the target group to sign is the people who will use the service.When the petition has a lot of signatures the airlines will then be targeted with the petition.We need evidence and support, no use targetting a airline with a empty petition. Do you agree.?
  2. Hi Debbie..its working now ..thanks for pointing it out. i had written it in capitals oppps.
  3. Hi all thought i would put the link for you to vote here so more people will see it.Following the successful petition for easyjet to fly LGW to Bodrum, ihave set up a etition for flights to/from Manchester to Izmir /bodrum.The north of England wales and Scotland always get forgotten when it comes to adding flight routes.So please vote..EVEN IF YOU DONT USE THIS ROUTE AND ARE ONE OF THE LUCKY PEOPLE WITH ALL THAT CHOICE DOWN SOUTH.HERE IS THE LINKhttp://gopetition.com/online/25065.htmltHANK YOU
  4. Hi James, when you say these will be available to all brits in Turkey do you mean free.Can you give some more details please,as partof the women in Turkey group i am involved with is looking at health care needs and costs ,servicesprovide ect.Thank you
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