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  1. The Ministry of Labour and Social Secuity website www.yabancicalismaizni.gov.tr/eng lists a number of occupations exxempt from the need for a foreigner to obtain a work permit, one of these being a travel rep employed for less than eight months in any twelve month period. It goes on to say that Work Permit Exemption Certificates will be issued on request. Unfortunately, it doesn't say how to request one. Nor does it say anything about having one's Residence Permit endorsed.Does anyone know the answers please?
  2. Hi all, I've searched the forum but surprisingly there's nothing about solar electricity.Does anyone know of anyone who could design and install a system for me? i live in Kusadsi but would be gratewful for information about nyone anywhere.Many thanksAlan
  3. Hi LaraGreat idea, but shouldn't the target be EasyJet, rather than tourists and residents?Alan
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