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  1. Just started off a gallon of strawberry wine for summer. Heres the recipe if anyone fancies trying it.2KG Fresh Strawberries (mine cost 10tl locally)1.5KG sugar4.5 ltr waterCitric acid 1 teaspoon (juice of a lemon and orange will do)Yeast nutrient 1 teaspoon (1 teaspoon of magnesium sulphate - Andrews to you and me!)Tannin 1 teaspoon (1 small cup of stewed tea will do)Youngs Super wine yeast 1 teaspoon (Allinsons baking yeast will do)1 X Gallon Demijohn - a 5 ltr water bottle will do! Method = Wash and chop strawberries onto a clean sterilised bucket and pour on the sugar and then 2ltr or 4 pints of cold water. Cover with muslin or clean teatowel and leave for 36 hours to soak - after 24 hours crush the strawberries with a spud masher. After 36 hours strain into clean vessel or demijohn through muslin then rinse leftovers with another pint or half ltr of water and strain again. Top up fermenting vessel/demijohn/water bottle to the shoulder. Then add rest of ingredients and give it a shake. Then either add an air lock or some muslin to the top and let it ferment for a couple of weeks - keep at 20c if poss.wait for bubbling to subside or stop then decant into another demijohn to get the liquid off the dead yeasties and 'trub' from the first container and top up with water or leftover juice to the top of the neck. Then leave for a couple of months somewhere cooler until it clears - it will given time. Then bottle it and cork it or stick it in 1 ltr coke bottles. If you want fizzy add a teaspoon of sugar when bottling then leave somewhere cool for 5 days then fridge it for 5 days - hey presto sparkling wine! Drink chilled and add some ice and or fruit for a scrummy summer drink!!! Scream
  2. I seem to remember someone mentioning there was going to be a Koctas (B & Q) opening sometime in Fethiye. I cant find the thread - anybody know when, where, etc?? ThanksScream
  3. Lol we use wellies too - much safer than plastic bags! I got the fresh juice last year from a turkish mate of mine but this year we had a bumper crop so its all on the go at the moment red and white and also fig. I know peeps bring out stuff from UK ie chemicals etc but they can be got here for a fraction of the price and in KGs too just wondered if anybody knows any where? I can get magnesium sulphate from the chemist as its epsom salts and also Vitamin B1, but i could do with both ammonium sulphate and ammonium phosphate - both nutrients for the yeast. I have a large tub of Allinsons (0range can) baking yeast that does for wine and have to say its superb!
  4. Anybody into making wine out here at all? Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy chemicals over here or wine making kit?
  5. Apologies for no updates for a while - been a bit busy! Ended up paying for a new keyboard rather than go through the hassle of everything else. Needless to say they were talking absolute bull s**t about having to replace the motherboard because the touch pad was damaged too - after i took in my laptop and proved they didnt need to replace the motherboard. Even got a reply from Hewlet Packard USA and Turkey asking for the tech support ID codes - they give those to anything repaired. But as it wasnt repaired by them no codes exist. Also found out that absolutely non of the techies in that shop have any certified qualifications whatsoever!! So in the end a deal was done to have the keyboard replaced and i got them a mouse instead of using the Touchpad - so all in all it cost me 180TL and i wont be going back to his ripp off pub ever again either.
  6. I'm saving that one for back up Cukur - i have a 'few issues' i'm sure they would love to hear about!
  7. I can see this getting out of hand now big time. Went to the service centre and as i suspected it has to go to Istanbul for looking at for a flat fee of 50US dollars!! He calmly informed the tech guy to have it sorted and i was paying!! I told the tech guy no way am i paying for a keboard he has melted with a hairdryer. It was switched on again in the service department and worked perfectly apart from the melted keys and the sticky touchpad!!!! My turkish mate didnt turn up so i was left struggling with thier banter that was obviously about me. I told him in no uncertain terms i am not paying for his mistakes or damage but i may be prepaired to pay for a service to have it cleaned properly and told the tech guy what i knew was wrong with it and how it had to be cleaned etc. He got quite irate at that and said to me in a threatening tone YOU NO PAY - YOU BIG PROBLEM YOU BIG PROBLEM!!!. I said what are you talking about its not my problem i hope you wernt threatening me then! He then went on muttering insults at me under his breath. No point going to the police here or the Jandarma as someone told me they get fed by certain people! Need to contact my lawyer and see another friend who has a Jandarma guy as a friend who is quite high up in rank i think!! Also time to have all my CCTV kit positioned and put in place - just in case i get any nocturnal visits! Will update later but he was told it would be two months before it comes back - after i told tech guy i want to see an itemised bill and service sheet before i decide what i will do. I then asked him if he needed all his MP3 tunes taking off his laptop to which he replied - Yeah! Unlucky skipper no cigar - i could have backed up his hard drive for him and taken off the MP3 tracks too - UNLUCKY!!!!
  8. Melted keys are not your concern, and be aware of the tech. he is going to take you to. - - - - - I know the techs where he is going and have had dealings with them before - they cant fix squat diddly there so it will have to go to istanbul for looking at -wonder if he knows he will have to pay for courier too! - as i know who aint!! I am taking a turkish mate of mine with me and possibly a trip to my lawyer afterwards
  9. Just thought i would share this little snippit with you as it develops. Went out last night for a few beers at the local with the Mrs & son - no problem. Got to about midnight and me and the Mrs left for home in a taxi and left the son there who was chatting to a couple of girls. This morning 2 guys turn up from the pub with a laptop in a plastic bag and start raging to me that my son has thrown an ashtray and beer all over it and its now damaged and wont work???? So i have a look at it and sure enough some of the keys are missing and others melted - so i am presuming the laptop set itself on fire and melted them. I woke up the rug rat and got him to explain what went off after sending the guys away and said i would come down the pub later. He stated he had spilt a drink on the table where the laptop was but non of the beer actually spilt on to the keyboard and that he ran to the toilets and grabbed some tissue to mop it up. So it was an accident and he tried to clean it up and dry the laptop. So off we went to the pub and low an behold the guy running the place is trying his hardest to stop me plugging in the lappy by telling me its broken and hes demanding 1100tl for a new one right there and then. Yeah right!! so i plug it in and switch it on and blow me down it boots up first time straight into windows and the antivirus turns on and also the wireless internet is trying to connect. Theres a few problems with the mouse as it wont move on the touch pad and some of the keys are a little sticky - so in my expert opinion ( as i am a certifed teccy too) it needs opening up at a service centre and cleaning out and drying properly as there is nothing wrong with it. Turns out through a heated argument between me and the owner hes tried to dry it using a hairdryer - the idiot!! Which has resulted in the keys melting as there was no damage underneath which there would have been had the lappy gone up in flames!! So now i have to go to town on monday to a service centre with him to see whats what! Hes still trying to claim its completely busted and wants money for a new one!!! I'll keep this updated as and when things happen and develop = = grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
  10. Generators are a god send where i am - fortunately i had realised about all the powercuts before i moved here and i brought one with me from UK. Mine is a 6.5KW beast and will run the whole house no problem at all. For an apartment you wouldnt need one that big and they do sell small ones big enough to cover your needs. If possible get a diesel one, mine runs for 11 hours on one tank. You really need to work out what you need to run from it before you buy ie fridge, freezer, cooker, computers, lights, heating etc? or do you just need something small for lights? The small ones are not too noisey if put on a veranda or patio - just run a cable indoors on an extension and plug in what you need - or you can do what i did and installed a socket on the inside on all three floors of my villa. I have a switch i bought that should fit between the mains and the generator so i can link it in to the mains but apparently the Turks dont like this so that was 200 quid down the drain. You can also get them in different voltages too ie 240 volts or 120volts mine is dual and also has a 12v charger on it for batteries too. Thing to remember is - 240 volts is standard but you dont get many amps for that you may get only 18-20 mine is fine as its so big but if you wanted to run a cooker a kettle and a heater at the same time then there would not be enough amps to cover it so the 'genny' would switch off. I have 18amps on 2 connections at 120 volts on mine or 18 amps on one 240 volt connection. The small ones are fairly cheap here too and most of the industrial estates have them and will service them too, another thing to remember with 'gennys' too - is they eat engine oil big time so need checking before use or weekly. Always good to give them a once a week run too just to keep the internal starter battery charged up too. Sorry - mines an electric start jobby not a rope pull one.
  11. We had a similar problem a while back so i rang the electric board - Tedas - to see if they would come and sort it out. Not a chance - i had to get a private electrician to do the work. It was the connection from the roadside concrete pylon causing the problem as it didnt have the correct connectors on it - the wires were just twisted round the main cable with a pair of pliers. So even if no rain we were having powercuts galore even with a mild wind blowing it would wipe out the connection for ages until it blew again and reconnected. I think its the same if you want to swap from the old style meter to the new one - the Tedas want all the documentation and the money for it - 360tl - ish but wont actually come out and swap them, and the new meter only costs about 40tl too!!!!
  12. Here's something i found = =http://www.katpatuka.org/nature.php?matchI...rchString=defneTheres a few different versions to bay leaves too.
  13. Thanks peeps for the info. Anybody have a link for Turkish - English for the names of plants and trees etc - not the latin names as i cant understand any of those - lolI have the RHS garden and tree encyclopedia with pics but its still non user friendly! - Or maybe we could start one on here??
  14. Thanks Cukur - is that the one near the MOT place = ish?? PS whats the turkish name for it??
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