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  1. Cukurbagli - see if you can find out the prices for small normal sized 2nd hand fridges please.I found a place in Fethiye but obviously yabanci price kicked in soon as i asked - 150tl for a minging 2nd hand one! Kipa do brand new for 299tlScream
  2. Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu (MKK) Sicil Şifre Mektubu - Central Registry Agency (CRA) Letter of Registration Password - - what ever that means
  3. Well.........it looks and smells so good - i made another 19ltrs of it! Just starting to bubble like mad now! Roll on summer!
  4. Here we go pics - if it works - Strawberries and sugar All mushed up and straining through muslin after a 36 hour soak in 2 lts of water Now fermenting away merrily
  5. Yes there is - i found something in the chemists in Fethiye.MAGNESIUMDIASPORAL300 GRANUL SASE (GRANOOL SACHET)20 IN A BOX - THE BOX IS BLUE/GREEN AND WHITE - use 1 sachet per gallon.Its the same stuff basically and as a bonus its lemon flavored too - good for after the night before! 1 sachet in a glass of water just like Andrews.Some of the larger chemists have Andrews as i have seen it - but damned if i can remember where.Its a yeast nutrient and helps feed the little blighters - but Marmite is also a yeast nutirent too but wouldnt fancy marmite flavoured wine!! ha ha but some peeps have used it in beer as its made from leftover beer yeasties anyway.
  6. Just started off a gallon of strawberry wine for summer.Heres the recipe if anyone fancies trying it.2KG Fresh Strawberries (mine cost 10tl locally)1.5KG sugar4.5 ltr waterCitric acid 1 teaspoon (juice of a lemon and orange will do)Yeast nutrient 1 teaspoon (1 teaspoon of magnesium sulphate - Andrews to you and me!)Tannin 1 teaspoon (1 small cup of stewed tea will do)Youngs Super wine yeast 1 teaspoon (Allinsons baking yeast will do)1 X Gallon Demijohn - a 5 ltr water bottle will do!Method = Wash and chop strawberries onto a clean sterilised bucket and pour on the sugar and then 2ltr or 4 pints of cold water. Cover with muslin or clean teatowel and leave for 36 hours to soak - after 24 hours crush the strawberries with a spud masher.After 36 hours strain into clean vessel or demijohn through muslin then rinse leftovers with another pint or half ltr of water and strain again. Top up fermenting vessel/demijohn/water bottle to the shoulder.Then add rest of ingredients and give it a shake. Then either add an air lock or some muslin to the top and let it ferment for a couple of weeks - keep at 20c if poss.wait for bubbling to subside or stop then decant into another demijohn to get the liquid off the dead yeasties and 'trub' from the first container and top up with water or leftover juice to the top of the neck. Then leave for a couple of months somewhere cooler until it clears - it will given time. Then bottle it and cork it or stick it in 1 ltr coke bottles. If you want fizzy add a teaspoon of sugar when bottling then leave somewhere cool for 5 days then fridge it for 5 days - hey presto sparkling wine!Drink chilled and add some ice and or fruit for a scrummy summer drink!!!Scream
  7. You will have to let us know how you get on with the phone as my understanding was that any iphone out here could only be registered on a contract with the telecoms firms by a turkish national.Are you going to use pay as you go or contract? You can get roaming on any phone but have to register the fact with the provider and to be honest its way too expensive to use back in the UK and topping up can be a problem if not online etc
  8. Thanks for the reply KKW.Funny as it may sound as soon as i had posted this i found some in Migros better spec too.The Koctas site was 7 vane 2400KW oil filled @99TL and Migros is 10 vane 2400KW @ 99TL so got one of those.spent all last winter trailing the shops round Fethiye but never found any.
  9. Thaks Abi , but its not showing fethiye? i seem to remember someone saying there was a truck parked up somewhere in fethiye where you could place orders etc?I've been on the Koctas site and used live search translate as i was looking for those Oil filled radiators.
  10. I seem to remember someone mentioning there was going to be a Koctas (B & Q) opening sometime in Fethiye.I cant find the thread - anybody know when, where, etc??ThanksScream
  11. Lol we use wellies too - much safer than plastic bags!I got the fresh juice last year from a turkish mate of mine but this year we had a bumper crop so its all on the go at the moment red and white and also fig.I know peeps bring out stuff from UK ie chemicals etc but they can be got here for a fraction of the price and in KGs too just wondered if anybody knows any where?I can get magnesium sulphate from the chemist as its epsom salts and also Vitamin B1, but i could do with both ammonium sulphate and ammonium phosphate - both nutrients for the yeast.I have a large tub of Allinsons (0range can) baking yeast that does for wine and have to say its superb!
  12. Anybody into making wine out here at all?Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy chemicals over here or wine making kit?
  13. Apologies for no updates for a while - been a bit busy!Ended up paying for a new keyboard rather than go through the hassle of everything else. Needless to say they were talking absolute bull s**t about having to replace the motherboard because the touch pad was damaged too - after i took in my laptop and proved they didnt need to replace the motherboard. Even got a reply from Hewlet Packard USA and Turkey asking for the tech support ID codes - they give those to anything repaired. But as it wasnt repaired by them no codes exist.Also found out that absolutely non of the techies in that shop have any certified qualifications whatsoever!!So in the end a deal was done to have the keyboard replaced and i got them a mouse instead of using the Touchpad - so all in all it cost me 180TL and i wont be going back to his ripp off pub ever again either.
  14. Just a quickie on minimum service - minimum british forces contracts are 4 years in length - thats whats accepted here in Turkey.
  15. I'm saving that one for back up Cukur - i have a 'few issues' i'm sure they would love to hear about!
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