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  1. Ben, let say I have already rented an apartment in Izmir or Alanya and I put my two computers, monitors and fax machine in a box and mail them before I fly to Turkey (imitating what you did, basically). Do you think I will have any problems receiving them, considering the fact I won't be able to get my residency papers by the time I receive my stuff?. I know this is all hypothetical, but I'm trying to play it safe since I am in the process of selling my house here in US.txed
  2. Tx for your response screamlead. I was actually trying to get a ball park figure about the customs duties in Turkey for the specific items I listed.
  3. This is a small part of the list I'm thinking of shipping to Bodrum. If it's not too much to ask, I'd like to know approx. how much should I expect to be charged by customs upon retrieval. 1- Synthesizer Yamaha S90 ES - Year Bought -20062- Computers bought 20052- Flat computer monitors 20052- Laptops bought 20081- HP 2410 Printer1- Refrigerator 2007 tx ed
  4. dilek, I just read your story.... man, what a disgusting/freaking service. I'll never understand though the notion of running a biz based on a rip off type-strategy. In addition, if an industry gets to a point where the "luck of the draw" becomes its mantra...well I better stop here. Thanks for sharing dilek.
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