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  1. Mariaca and Hakan,How good is your Turkish? as this info I'am providing is all in Turkish... You should really be following this web site; http://www.asal.msb.gov.tr/index.php as it belongs to the national defence ministry and any changes to terms and conditions of military service gets updated here.. On the left of the page click on the
  2. They simply can't do it like you say it provided that you declare it all on documents and that you paid your duties accordingly.. If their only intention is to take bribe... I personally wouldn't give it and let them cause me trouble if they can, I would sleep at the borders and call the embassy or whatever I can by means of communication... We, be it Turks or foreigners should always turn down those officers willing to take bribes so that we stop them from hoping to get some after...
  3. Thats exactly what I am saying baykus, you don't have to pay bribe.... thats if you have prepared you shipment properly, if you don't you are either left to give bribe to clear the things or leave them at the customs at your own expense.. That's also why I say you need customs clearance agent on both end of the business so that if something goes wrong it will be at their own expense and not yours...
  4. You don't have to pay bribes.... You pay bribes becouse you want to pay bribes.. If the import documentation and goods brought inside legally, according to the import regulations then no one will have problems. Always consult licenced customs broker before you leave your country and always have contact details of a customs broker here in TR to get in touch in case you have a problem while the entry... Make sure that customs broker in TR will be based in the same city where you are crossing the borders...
  5. Private schools have to get licence to operate from the ministry of education... Ministry of education has branch offices in every city in TR called "il milli eğitim m
  6. I am very happy on your behalf Sparkle... I knew it was going to be that way... Textile business is very strong sector in TR and a leading industry.. Almost all the factories, production lines and staff arranged for dedication to exporting... I believe you will be very sucessful if you put your full heart and time into it... Thanks for sharing and wish you good luck as always...
  7. You probobly heard the town called Ala
  8. Here are some descriptive extracts I gathered from various sites for quick reading
  9. Alice most of our mystic philosophers had their poems written after Turks adoption of Islam. Those poems are written for search and love of God. And to understand why certain words such as love-blood spattering used and some descriptions chosen, can only be understood after some studying in sufizm and tasavvuf , which is a way of finding/approaching God, understanding/following İslam.. Now in Yunus Emre
  10. that's better, i knew there was someting not quite right but I coudn't find it the right way myself.. Heeey I huge well done to you.... here... more flowers from me.... So I'll put them in the right order again....
  11. no no i will take no offence...i now see what you mean, I will put them in the right order now...here a bunch of flowers to you God how long have you been here Joz, what's the level of your Turkish, I can send you some divan and have some joy interprating together....
  12. Joz, you know that in every language there are some words and expression that you cannot translate exactly the same way and have the same meaning in another language.. Now this poem has been written many centuries ago, and lines and quatrains are construted in a special way that what you read does not always illustrate what you should understand from it or from the full soul of the poet writing.. You can see a lot of this on poems written in "divan litrature", an at shool in literature classes we used to have lesson to interprete poems written in ottoman language as part of divan literature..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_literatureI didn't do the tranlation myself it was already there on that website... But people who do the translations are most often the masters of the old literature and its translation...so what can I say? Here is another one with beautiful descriptions... Again from that site....from Poet "Nesimi" (14th century) MY PICTURE, MY DARLING, MY FRIENDMy picture, my darling, my friend, My boon companion, my intimate, my soul,My comrade, my confidant,My life, my spirit, my remedy for grief,My sovereign, my moon, my sweetheart, My being, my sustenance, my spirit,My refuge, my goal, my direction, My orbit, my thought, my soul,My moon-featured, fairy-faced one, My merry and wanton charmer,My jasmine scented, rose fragrant one, My cypress grown in a rose garden,My delicate, my elegant one, my fair,My dear one, my peerless beloved,My Hijaz, my Ka'ba, my Sinai, My paradise, my houri, my RidvanMy rose, my sweet basil, my trees, My ambergris, my aloe wood,My pearl, my precious metal, My ruby, my cornelian, my coral,My heart illuminating, faithful, Entrail-kindling tormentor,My sovereign, my world conqueror, My ruler, my monarch and emperor,My candle, my lamp, my light, My radiance, my star, my sun,My nightingale, my bulbul, My rose, I am sweet toned Nesimi. Translated by Bernard Lewis[From An Anthology of Turkish Literature, Edited by Kemal Silay]
  13. I can understand your misfortunes when there was not a competition with the private courier firms. And I can also understand you when they didn
  14. Turkish roots in America? http://ireland.iol.ie/~afifi/Articles/turkic.htman extract from; http://www.turkishculture.org/pages.php? Ch...mp;ChildID1=124
  15. Sunny, you dont send valuable things unattended or second class, Do you? Just read the services available from Royal Mail in England and you will see what I mean... The magic is the more you pay the higher the chances of scoring....
  16. Ben Densin you must have got a good story to tell us... You did give me a fright you know.. hhmm I wonder what happened...
  17. Hello SparkleWelcome to the forum,I am a local lady and into trading also and be happy to cooperate with you whenever you need a rep from a distance
  18. Another way to do it is, you read the mail service system in your country and ask the locals in TR if what you require is available here also. Which is most often similar.... For instance for the UK;http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/sme?pag...nid=RMHP_BtnSMEThe difference between TR and the UK is, The brits have a better way of describing their services thereofore promoting much better than PTT in TR..
  19. We can only talk about meeting/joining of individual choices and its benefits if we are living door to door with followers of the other faiths, so that we learn to show respect to one another and to protect each individual
  20. I wrote this in reply to Şirin but also goes for Angi as well or anyone who wants to think about this debate... Firstly I
  21. Sooo Meral what should be understood from familiy unity? If families decide to unite? why do you think they would do that for? So why parents would decide something for childrens sake? And what if they wanted to decide for childrens sake? Is something wrong with identifiying if something is sake or not sake? No, someone has to tell me? if all roads go the Rome than why are there so many religions therefore so much grief.. And why is it that people have tolerance against grief and so much dispute and eventually total let loose(give up) situation? And as a result more conflict, more fights and more bloodshed? Is that because people coundn't be bothered, and selfish... am I right on this or not?
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