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  1. Mariaca and Hakan,How good is your Turkish? as this info I'am providing is all in Turkish... You should really be following this web site; http://www.asal.msb.gov.tr/index.php as it belongs to the national defence ministry and any changes to terms and conditions of military service gets updated here..On the left of the page click on the
  2. They simply can't do it like you say it provided that you declare it all on documents and that you paid your duties accordingly..If their only intention is to take bribe...I personally wouldn't give it and let them cause me trouble if they can, I would sleep at the borders and call the embassy or whatever I can by means of communication...We, be it Turks or foreigners should always turn down those officers willing to take bribes so that we stop them from hoping to get some after...
  3. Thats exactly what I am saying baykus, you don't have to pay bribe.... thats if you have prepared you shipment properly, if you don't you are either left to give bribe to clear the things or leave them at the customs at your own expense..That's also why I say you need customs clearance agent on both end of the business so that if something goes wrong it will be at their own expense and not yours...
  4. zehra

    Turkish Labour Laws

    You see I can't put it down to your advanced age? How can I...? when I know you are a Halterci.....and not just halterci but a competing halterci!....give us a break...I am sure with that state of fitness and dietry isues , your mind is working better than mine thats for sure...
  5. You don't have to pay bribes....You pay bribes becouse you want to pay bribes..If the import documentation and goods brought inside legally, according to the import regulations then no one will have problems.Always consult licenced customs broker before you leave your country and always have contact details of a customs broker here in TR to get in touch in case you have a problem while the entry...Make sure that customs broker in TR will be based in the same city where you are crossing the borders...
  6. Private schools have to get licence to operate from the ministry of education... Ministry of education has branch offices in every city in TR called "il milli eğitim m
  7. Thank you Joz, we love you and all.... We locals just don't want to see or hear further disaster stories and broken hearts...and want to stay happy all together..And thank you Celtic, your advice and contribution is invaluable here...
  8. Now I am beginnig to suspect if you were born to aussie parents?
  9. So shall we advise young girls/ ladies that before they get serious with any man here they better go and get their mothers approval first....and that they should do that no matter what their prospective boy friends may promise....You see its our culture... we can't change it, we have very close interrelations and one always rely on the other...and that's the way we like it here and happy with... bumerang effect you see rolls on....
  10. Yeah you can convince me but how am I supposed to convince my successor....would your offer still be valid?
  11. Yeah Joz, I don't mind buying a house there, but you have to sort out that problem first you see.....
  12. Joz, your experience is nowhere near quality inconsistency, you have a very apparent problem that needs handling seriously
  13. Joz, in that case I wouldn't blame the main water suply to the town from the municipality reservoirs.It looks as if you are having infustractural problems particular to your residential site...Why dont you sort it out with the site manager or whoever the builders are.... Please go and make formal complaints to the municipality and let us know what happens....
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