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  1. I understood that the compulsory DASK deprem sigorta covered the building only, and that that was the landlords responsibilty. I assumed that my own possessions inside the apartment would be my own responsibilty in an earthquake, just as they would in a fire. If thats not true, please let me know - because I am wasting my money on unnecessary premium payments!
  2. I took out contents insurance with Akbank - but before doing so went over the situations covered - and was amazed that earthquake was NOT included. I asked to have this added in - it put up the premium noticeably - but I think its very worthwhile. A few months later we did have an earthquake here. I only lost a pretty vase (didnt bother to claim for that I confess) but whilst other people were panicking about their widescreen tvs etc - I just had to save myself! So I would advise making sure that 'deprem' is included.
  3. I had a bit of a drama last year, when, not knowing about the ridiculous reduction from 150 to 75 euros, I ordered sandals. The firm I use sends via DHL or UPS ... they decide which. In this case the order for 3 pairs was sent as 2 packages, with the more expensive sandals sent alone in one of these. Both packages came to just over 75 euros each. One was sent with DHL and another with UPS. They both contacted me and a long process of forms to be completed and returned etc etc I was worried because they told me there were storage charges whilst the process was carried out - v expensive on
  4. I can understand how, as there is no direct translation, the context is important. In this case, I had ordered some items online and the firm had sent the wrong color nail polish (I am aware its not a life and death matter!) I would not have chosen that color myself, but wanted to ask a Turkish friend what they thought of it - and it made me realise that I was not sure how to say this in Turkish.Several people have recommended 'seçmezdim' .... aorist plus past .... I use this to mean 'used to' or as a negative 'did not use to' ... so would have thought using that option would mean 'I didn'
  5. Hi Quinn - that would be a great idea. (I don't know for sure what the regulations on the website would be for this myself but wouldnt think it would be a problem here)
  6. thanks for your replies - all of them v useful and interesting. Istanbulwhiteboy - what is 'K' level?
  7. Wanting to say 'I would not have chosen this colour'. The best I could come up with was ....'Bu rengi secmeyecektim'. Is there a more appropriate way to say this kind of sentence I wonder?
  8. thanks for your replies. I ve had a look at several of the suggestions so far - will look at others later today. I found 360 on my digiturk package too. was live broadcase of CHP on most news channels when I was watching.....found it very interesting indeed (wish my Turkish was better). Also looked at Show TV news in evening and I really liked the newsreader - middle aged male (or possibly old if you are younger than I am!!) who seemed to speak slightly slower and very clearly.I had no idea that Euronews offered all those language options! It is a good place to watch in one language and t
  9. My Turkish has taken a back seat over the past 12 months due to some nasty problems in my life, and I really need to freshen it up and start improving it again.I'd like to start watching the news in Turkish, but find it very difficult. Picture me sitting in front of the TV saying 'yavaş lütfen!!' (they don't take any notice of my request!).I wonder if anyone can recommend a channel. (I have the usual Digiturk channels). Anything too highbrow would be beyond my Turkish I am sure. And I cannot handle ladies with squeaky voices!!! (why do they do that?).I surf about and tend to come back to N
  10. Thanks Cukurbaglı. Ah well - the bank is a nice cool airconditioned spot to sit these days!
  11. Does anyone know if it is now possible to pay the monthly premiums of the new government health insurance by automatic payment through a bank? I tried to do this (thru Akbank) but they said they required another number in addition to the identity number. But when I tried to get this from SGK they said there was no additional number. I'm currently paying by going into VakifBank and paying cash there. The receipts they give me do not carry any number in addition to the identity number.
  12. I am thinking of a short holiday in Akyaka (also known sometimes as Gokova) this summer. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a bus directly there from Fethiye? And, if so, which company (ies) run this route?If there is no direct route, any advice on which would be the best way to do this would be appreciated. I don't fancy waiting by the side of the road in hot weather, so would prefer to maybe go a bit further to enable me to change buses at an actual otogar.
  13. Firstly, what a great thread! Would an equivalent to the horse related saying be - 'shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted'?It often amazes me how there are similar sayings in different languages which have no historical connexion to each other. Maybe this shows human beings are all on the same wavelength really?
  14. I've recently joined the new government health insurance scheme and understood from the eczane and other sources that this entitled me to an 80% discount on prescribed medicines.I have to take medicines for several different chronic problems and before joining the scheme have just paid the going price for these. None are controlled drugs - they can all be bought without a prescription.Since joining the schemeI have seen a doctor about one of the problems, and asked him if he could please write a prescription for the other two also. He did this. But when I took the prescription to the ecane
  15. After a long hard day at the Tapu Office I have the money from the sale of my apartment. Now I just have to decide what is best to do with it.Because the money is more than the 50,000 maximum guaranteed by the government, I was thinking of using a second bank for part of the longterm savings. I spoke to the assistant at my regular bank- Garanti Bank - yesterday about this, but she said that with Garanti Bank I had nothing to worry about. It would be simpler to have it all saved in one bank, but I am worried about how the euro crisis may affect Turkish banks in the future, and I want to save
  16. Thanks for all the good wishes. I often find myself envying Turkish friends laidbackness ...wishing I could be more like that myself But of course it does often lead to delays along the way. They are saying that the appointments system in the Tapu Ofis (which is what is causing the problem now) is a new thing. But my bank had told my friend that an internet appointment was needed. I actually tried to do it myself but the complicated website defeated me, asked my friend to do it and he said 'sorun değil - boş ver'. I really am going to work on my Turkish - as soon as my brain recovers fro
  17. A temporary set back this morning. Both my friend and the buyer had said no need to worry about making an appointment at the Tapu Ofis ............BUT when we got there the official (although not busy) insisted that we go away and make an appointment by internet!! Friend told me to wait while he popped into internet cafe ... came back to tell me we had one for 8.45 am Monday..........problem is banks dont open till 9! Lady at bank says she will 'try' to get in at 8.30. But Tapu ofis wants us there 15 mins before appointment time. At the moment they have opened an account in my bank with
  18. Thanks for both your replies. I was surprised as after posting I spoke to 2 separate Turkish friends and they were both as surprised as I had been, saying it was a crazy idea. It just goes to show the huge range of what is considered 'normal' for any situation here - seems to apply to most things.So your replies were reassuring for me - it seems the buyers intentions may well be honorable after all.We are negotiating via my friend and the buyers son (Chinese whispers in Turkish!) - what we have come up with is that buyer takes their money (in cash - they seem set on carrying it around with t
  19. I have a buyer for my apartment who has so far given me 1000 lira deposit, stating that the rest will be paid on Friday this week (saying they didnt want to lose the interest on their savngs account).I expected them to transfer the money into my bank account, and of course get a receipt from the bank for this........and then go on to change the tapu into thier name, electric, water etcBut I now learn that they are asking that the tapu be changed FIRST and talking about handing me the money in cash (69,000 lira).This seems totally insane to me.........and makes me highly suspicious.The go betwe
  20. I recently found a longterm unfurnished rental apartment through the website www.sahibinden.com. The decent places get snapped up very quickly, so you need to check the website a couple of times a day, and contact the advertiser asap. Altho the websites title means from the owner, it seems to be used by alot of estate agents also - I found they were advertising places there that were not listed on their own websites.I don't have any personal experience of using schools here, but I am fairly sure the age for starting at government schools is 6 or 7 rather than 5. You would probably need to l
  21. Thanks for all the replies. I do try and learn from experience - but its difficult to see what I can learn from this one. Do you think I would have been safer booking through an agency? Thats not always possible of course, if you like to travel off the main tourist track, as I do. Avoid taking holidays during high season is the most I can draw from this one ...or, if you do, dont get too excited about the idea ...!I have writen up my experience on the virtualtourist website forum. I was pleased to see that the place (the Dolphin Pansiyon, Bozburun on the Marmaris Peninsula) had put in a
  22. Back in February I reserved a room for a week in July. As the price on the hotels own website was the same as an agents, I thought I would give the hotel the benefit of my business direct, and booked directly with them via email. The price quoted in the email was the same as that shown on the website for a single room in July ...90 lira per night. I said the price was acceptable and I would like to reserve a room. I was then asked to pay 2 nights deposit of 180 lira and given bank account details to make the transfer. I did this and received an email confirming receipt of this and the res
  23. I popped into a removal firms office nearby and they asked me which floors the 2 apartments were on (I'm moving from a 3rd to a 2nd) and to choose whether I wanted a large or small truck. I've opted for the larger size (small one was v small) and the quoted price sounds reasonable.Now I just have to get new apartment repairs and painting done, a couple of klima and light fittings, etc etc and get myself packed up at this end.............I am amazed at how much stuff I have accumulated!
  24. I've sent an email to the bank querying the whole thing. Will let you know what the reply is. Meral, your banks actions sound a bit like the ELMA and OH accounts at banks I have used. They invest alot of what is sitting in your current account, pay interest and deduct tax on that interest, ........ but the money is always available for you and monthly bills etc when needed. I've had accounts like this for years and never had any problems taking money whenever needed.I dont know yet aine if it could be the same thing ...they did address it to my former 'yabanci' name. But the letter itself
  25. Just looked at my bank website and noticed 2 items debited to my current account ... both to MKK...total of around 8 lira. How on earth can the bank OK this without asking me first?!
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