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  1. Wanting to say 'I would not have chosen this colour'. The best I could come up with was ....'Bu rengi secmeyecektim'. Is there a more appropriate way to say this kind of sentence I wonder?
  2. My Turkish has taken a back seat over the past 12 months due to some nasty problems in my life, and I really need to freshen it up and start improving it again. I'd like to start watching the news in Turkish, but find it very difficult. Picture me sitting in front of the TV saying 'yavaş lütfen!!' (they don't take any notice of my request!). I wonder if anyone can recommend a channel. (I have the usual Digiturk channels). Anything too highbrow would be beyond my Turkish I am sure. And I cannot handle ladies with squeaky voices!!! (why do they do that?). I surf about and tend to come back to NTV, but am just getting started so would be interested in other peoples opinions. Also, are there any particular programs?
  3. Does anyone know if it is now possible to pay the monthly premiums of the new government health insurance by automatic payment through a bank? I tried to do this (thru Akbank) but they said they required another number in addition to the identity number. But when I tried to get this from SGK they said there was no additional number. I'm currently paying by going into VakifBank and paying cash there. The receipts they give me do not carry any number in addition to the identity number.
  4. I am thinking of a short holiday in Akyaka (also known sometimes as Gokova) this summer. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a bus directly there from Fethiye? And, if so, which company (ies) run this route? If there is no direct route, any advice on which would be the best way to do this would be appreciated. I don't fancy waiting by the side of the road in hot weather, so would prefer to maybe go a bit further to enable me to change buses at an actual otogar.
  5. I've recently joined the new government health insurance scheme and understood from the eczane and other sources that this entitled me to an 80% discount on prescribed medicines. I have to take medicines for several different chronic problems and before joining the scheme have just paid the going price for these. None are controlled drugs - they can all be bought without a prescription. Since joining the schemeI have seen a doctor about one of the problems, and asked him if he could please write a prescription for the other two also. He did this. But when I took the prescription to the ecane she told me that I needed a 'rapor' also to qualify for the health insurance discount. The doctor and hospital staff didnt seem to be aware of this. Can anyone tell me what a 'rapor' is exactly and how I would go about obtaining them?
  6. Back in February I reserved a room for a week in July. As the price on the hotels own website was the same as an agents, I thought I would give the hotel the benefit of my business direct, and booked directly with them via email. The price quoted in the email was the same as that shown on the website for a single room in July ...90 lira per night. I said the price was acceptable and I would like to reserve a room. I was then asked to pay 2 nights deposit of 180 lira and given bank account details to make the transfer. I did this and received an email confirming receipt of this and the reservation. A few days before the holiday, I rang the hotel to check on the last stage of the journey, and was told they were full and there was no record of my reservation. I gave the name of the person who had sent the emails and was told yes that was the owner of the hotel. The person on the phone then said they might be able to fit me in at another of their hotels, but that this would cost me 153 lira per night instead of 90. I said no thankyou and that if they did not return my deposit I would go to the police. The deposit was returned to my bank account (minus transfer fees I had paid)It was a small place I was planning to go to relax ... so no hopes of finding suitable alternative accommodation there in July. So in spite of my advance plan and booking, Ive lost my holiday. Can they get away with this? Is there any organisation I could make a formal complaint to?
  7. Having agreed to the buyers request to leave my 2 airconditioners with the house, I'm finding alot of the apartments I am looking at with a view to renting dont have aircon. So I will need to buy these before moving in. My current make is Mitsubishi which I have no complaints at all about (12 years and still going strong) but this is an expensive make. I'd appreciate any tips on more medium priced airconditioners ... does anyone have a mid price make they would recommend? or warn against buying? Also realise that the technology has probably become more sophisticated in the last 12 years ........ is there anything to look out for in the way of extras that would be worth paying a bit more for?
  8. I constantly get calls from Turk Telekom telling me about their 'packages' and campaigns etc. I actually changed to one of their 'advantaj' packages around a year ago .......... but the calls havent stopped. They seem to have surges .... there was one 2 days ago, and then yesterday evening 2 in the same evening! (always a different employee ringing). Does anyone know if there is a way of stopping this?
  9. I need to be able to say politely but firmly (to estate agent!) 'please stop wasting my time and yours'. (They keep offering me totally unsuitable places to rent - I think they are just bored with nothing to do. But I am not!). The dictionary has ALOT of different words for waste, so I want to be sure I choose the correct one. Or is there a totally different way of saying this in Turkish? It would be a useful expression to know in alot of situations.
  10. I was shocked to read on the Hurriyet Daily News website a few days ago, that President Abdullah G
  11. In my twenties I lived in Africa and ate plenty of free range steak. After moving to the UK I stopped eating most meat because of the way it is produced there, and never started to eat it again after moving here many years ago. Now feeling I need more good quality protein in my diet, I wondered about the quality of beef here. I notice that 'yerli' beef is actually more expensive than imported, and wonder if that means it is produced by a more expensive free range method.?(I tried searching on google but putting the words beef and Turkey in the same sentence just brought me alot of comparisons between the two types of meat!)If there is free range, or grass fed beef available here, where would be the best place to find it ....supermarket? or a small butchers? or is there no difference? Which cuts would be the leanest? And the Turkish names for them please?
  12. I'm planning a trip in mid September, staying 4 nights in Amasya, which I have wanted to visit for years. I will be arriving late so want to organise hotel in advance. Trying to decide between hotels which are modernized Ottoman buildings (and look really interesting and atmospheric) or a modern hotel. My one reservation about the Ottoman hotels is that the rooms will be tiny (and as I am travelling alone, I will get the tiniest!). Its hard to tell from website photos. Has anyone out there stayed in an Amasya hotel? Ones I am looking at are named Harşena and Emin Efendi, but I would be grateful for info on any hotels there.
  13. I was shocked by a small piece in yesterdays paper, which reported that almost half of the 450 male patients at Ege University Hospital who required cornea transplants refused transplants if they came from female donors. There were a roughly equal number of female patients but the report did not mention them refusing male donors. The men were not objecting to the business of transplants generally - just to them coming from females! I wondered if any of the readers who are part of native Turkish families could shed any light on the (warped) thinking behind this? Do they believe that a transplant to their eye(s) from a female eye will ...um...cause their 'man parts' to drop off?! Or do they simply find the female body such a disgusting life form that they would prefer blindness to contaminating their own superior body with any part of it? (And, if the latter, could this be a contributing factor in the way they feel so comfortable in physically abusing women?)
  14. I am trying to book a hotel in another part of Turkey. The hotel has a website and everything seems to be done through that. I sent a query about price via the website and got a reply to my email address. I then replied to that email saying I wanted to make a reservation - but got no response (waited several days). I therefore went back to the website and made the reservation through the automatic reservation form. Response popped up on website'Kayit Bilgilendirme. Kaydınıiz Başarı ile eklenmiştir. Bilgileriniz doğrultusunda sizinle irtibat kurulacaktır.'Does this mean the reservation has definitely been made? I havent heard anything further from them, several days later.(My everyday Turkish doesnt cope with the more formal language and expressions used online- and the dictionary isnt much help.!)
  15. A few days ago I had treatment at the dentists and was shocked at the price. It is a couple of years since I had anything major done - so I didnt argue, but put it down to inflation. She seemed to be looking the costs up in a book - so I assumed there is a list of charges which all dentists use. (as the hairdressers do)Just mentioned it to a neighbor and he says he thinks I was charged double at least! I had a root canal treatment in a back upper tooth, which had a previous normal filling which had to be drilled out and then replaced of course, plus one normal injection local anaesthetic. Cost was 210 lira. First session lasted an hour, and she had to give me a temporary filling as the next patient was waiting, so I came back a couple of days later to have the permanent filling put in (no injection that time). I've been using the same dentist for around 10 years I think, so would not expect to be charged extra as a tourist. Does anyone know where I can find a list of charges on the internet perhaps. I've tried a google search but didnt come up with anything useful. (The one website I found which lists them didnt have the price column filled in!) and/or has anyone had similar treatment recently? Is it acceptable to haggle with the dentist? (Ive never done this)
  16. For all ex residents of the UK - I know there are many in their 50s and 60s out here so felt I should alert you to this. Around 5 years ago I applied for a (UK) retirement pension forecast, and was given an amount of 35 GBP per week at then current rates, with detailed options of paying x amount of voluntary contributions to get y amount per week, or z amount to get an even higher yy amount etcI had queried a few ommissions in my credits (which were not acted on) but because of this had three different letters from three different signees - all consistent with the info given above. Applied for the pension a few months before it was due. Was told it couldnt be transferred to my account. Then a few months later told it had to be!! Delays and delays and umpteen forms to complete - all by post and all lost at least once. Finally having given them my bank account details I was told (only because I myself asked) that my pension would be 12 pennies a week and would be sent once a year. Frantic correspondence from me begging them to keep it! (the bank transfer charge would be three times the pension)I've appealled and been told the reason for the ridiculously low figure is that I their records show I have less than 50 credits before april 1975 and so am not entitled to any basic state pension. Looking at the letters sent with the Forecast, these state that their records show I had 185 credits before april 1975. I've drawn their attention to this - but getting no response. Looks like I wont be getting anything in the way of a pension. So ...........the Forecast is a complete waste of time .... mine was 300 times what I was eventually awarded - and thats not allowing for inflation, or the extra voluntary payments. And think hard before you succumb to their tempting offer of higher rates following voluntary extra payments ............you could well be throwing that money away, if they change their minds about what their records show you paid before 1975! I'd be seriously paranoid if I thought I was the only person being treated like this - so beware.
  17. I prefer to take natural health products, and regularly order these online - I cannot find them locally. I've just placed an order with a firm a regularly use - and discovered a note to Turkish customers only - that the Turkish government has just introduced even more customs restrictions, so that orders must be under a total value of 80 USD, not weigh more than 3 lbs ...and can no longer be delivered by DHL or UPS but have to be sent by the much slower post. Does anyone out there know any more about this (I am hoping the firm may have got it wrong somehow - ever the optimist -!)
  18. I was diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten allergy) in the UK years ago and followed a glutenfree (this is mainly no wheat containing products) diet there for years. I received alot of substitutes - e.g. spaghetti, bread etc on prescription, and also found other substitutes in health food shops etc. I did let things go when I began living here ... it was so hard not to. Although I dont eat anything like the amount of wheat the average person (let alone the average Turk!) consumes. Health has generally improved greatly by living here ... but I do still get problems with digestive cramps etc and want to try living without wheat again. I wondered if anyone else out there is following this kind of diet (no products containing wheat, rye, sweetcorn) ....and if they had any tips for me on good substitutes and from where they are available.
  19. Oh no- I'd forgotten I put that on the profile. I live in Turkey (have done permanently for 13 years now) .... but when I went down the list of options - Turkey was not on it, so I put the nearest down instead, meaning to come back to it and try again later. Then forgot all about it. I should alter it ... will do so now. Thanks for reminding me!

  20. I recently obtained a copy of Turkish Grammar by Geoffrey Lewis, and was delighted to find it did answer my questions that my previous 'bible' Hugos Turkish in 3 months (now thats optimism!) did not cover. I find it hard going, but am definitely learning from it. I'm sure Ive seen it recommended on this website once or twice, and I do have one question I would value more experienced users, and, of course Turkish teachers, opinion on ..... Some of the things he says dont ring any bells, and, knowing that the book was written over 40 years ago, I wondered if it is out of date in some ways, as the language has changed in some ways over those years.
  21. It may be different now, but when I lived in the UK and a man told you he was separated ....it meant he had split up with his wife and intended to divorce, but needed to wait the legally required 2 years before he could do this. So I have tended to assume the same thing applies here - and had my heart broken! I'd like to avoid it happening again ....well, do my best to reduce the likelihood anyway. How does the divorce process work in Turkey? Is there any kind of required waiting period of living separately, assuming the reasons for divorce is simply not getting on rather than something more dramatic? I was surprised recently when the sister in law of a friend obtained a divorce - and they hadnt been married for two years, let alone separated. And, as far as we know, the reason was simply not being happy together. I've been told by some Turkish men that it is alot easier for a woman to obtain a divorce than a man. Should I be as sceptical about this as I am - or is there some truth in it? Also that he wants to divorce but his wife doesnt (although they have been living separately for years!) and so he cannot. Another told me he wanted a divorce but couldnt because he had children. The children are living in a different part of the country anyway, so he doesnt see them that often. Would a Turkish court refuse any visiting rights to a divorced father? I dont know if I have become a bit overly cautious and sceptical. But I would like to be in a relationship, and realistically most men of an appropriate age are going to have some marital history - so it would be good to know the facts from some one without a personal interest in my understanding.
  22. Sorry I realise I am possibly not in the right place here - please feel free to move me if necessary.(I couldnt find anything closer to the topic myself)I have a major problem when visiting Turks in their homes and I wondered if anyone could give me some advice on the most suitable way to approach the problem. (at the moment I have just stopped visiting which is sad). The problem is the ever open television sets which invariably trigger grand mal epileptic seizures in me (this generally involves emptying my bladder whilst unconscious and feeling v rough for a good time afterwards so it is off putting!). There is nothing I can do to prevent it, apart from asking that the tv be switched off. But I have had some very strange looks when I have asked this .....and often the hostess will just switch the sound down or off ....leaving the flickering screen on (why would anyone want to keep a tv with no sound switched on??) It seems to happen wherever I go. Even at a formal meeting of my building residents this summer. I picked up the remote and asked my host if I could switch it off .....he gave me a strange look and told me I had the wrong remote. It was 3 in the afternoon in August in Fethiye ....... but in spite of the fact I was holding the tv remote - he was sure I wanted to switch off the aircon!!! I've had the tv sensitive epilepsy since I was young, but its never been a problem before coming to Turkey, as everywhere else I have lived it would have been considered bad manners to keep a tv switched on when there were guests. Why isnt this the case here? The only way I have found to deal with this is to suggest that we sit on the balcony ... thereby escaping the tv (unless they have one out there too!). But thats not an option at this time of year. When I ask if the tv can be swtiched off, I dont mention the epilepsy - would it be better if I did?i
  23. I'm planning a trip and will need to change planes at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. Trying to decide between a daytime flight with a 6 hour changeover time, or a nighttime flight with a much shorter gap between flights. As its the return trip I am looking at, the night flight would be awkward beforehand .... there will be hours to fill between checkout time at the hotel and takeoff. I also have a bodyclock that doesnt like being disrupted so am leaning towards the daytime flight. But wondered what there is to do at the Airport........ This will be the domestic terminal. Shops, restaurants etc?? Any information appreciated.
  24. (Not sure if I am in the right section)I've lived in Fethiye for years and years, and never known of anyone who had their house broken into. Now in the past few months, it has happened to a couple of people I know. Is this just a coincidence, or are burglary rates soaring in small town Turkey?
  25. A while ago I started a post looking for alternatives to Digiturk and learned there were a few new options starting up, but it was too early to tell much about them. So I stuck with Digiturk. Over the past few months, however, they have dropped all four interntional news channels (Al Jazeera, Euronews BBc World and as of last night CNN International) also my favorite oldies music channel VH1. There seem to be more and more repeats of anything else I watch. I ve just had a look at the Teldunya and D Smart websites ... they both seem a more complex system than the Digiturk. Has anyone out there had any recent experience with either of them, or any other alternatives. Would the satellite receiver I would need to buy to start with them be any good if I dropped them later? (Maybe they are going to get rid of my favorite channels too!)Or is it best to just buy a satellite dish and look for channels myself? If so, can anyone recommend a website that explains exactly how to do this for someone with no experience of this kind of thing. (in english).
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