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  1. Wanting to say 'I would not have chosen this colour'. The best I could come up with was ....'Bu rengi secmeyecektim'. Is there a more appropriate way to say this kind of sentence I wonder?
  2. My Turkish has taken a back seat over the past 12 months due to some nasty problems in my life, and I really need to freshen it up and start improving it again. I'd like to start watching the news in Turkish, but find it very difficult. Picture me sitting in front of the TV saying 'yavaş lütfen!!' (they don't take any notice of my request!). I wonder if anyone can recommend a channel. (I have the usual Digiturk channels). Anything too highbrow would be beyond my Turkish I am sure. And I cannot handle ladies with squeaky voices!!! (why do they do that?). I surf about and tend to come back to NTV, but am just getting started so would be interested in other peoples opinions. Also, are there any particular programs?
  3. Does anyone know if it is now possible to pay the monthly premiums of the new government health insurance by automatic payment through a bank? I tried to do this (thru Akbank) but they said they required another number in addition to the identity number. But when I tried to get this from SGK they said there was no additional number. I'm currently paying by going into VakifBank and paying cash there. The receipts they give me do not carry any number in addition to the identity number.
  4. I am thinking of a short holiday in Akyaka (also known sometimes as Gokova) this summer. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a bus directly there from Fethiye? And, if so, which company (ies) run this route? If there is no direct route, any advice on which would be the best way to do this would be appreciated. I don't fancy waiting by the side of the road in hot weather, so would prefer to maybe go a bit further to enable me to change buses at an actual otogar.
  5. I've recently joined the new government health insurance scheme and understood from the eczane and other sources that this entitled me to an 80% discount on prescribed medicines. I have to take medicines for several different chronic problems and before joining the scheme have just paid the going price for these. None are controlled drugs - they can all be bought without a prescription. Since joining the schemeI have seen a doctor about one of the problems, and asked him if he could please write a prescription for the other two also. He did this. But when I took the prescription to the ecane she told me that I needed a 'rapor' also to qualify for the health insurance discount. The doctor and hospital staff didnt seem to be aware of this. Can anyone tell me what a 'rapor' is exactly and how I would go about obtaining them?
  6. After a long hard day at the Tapu Office I have the money from the sale of my apartment. Now I just have to decide what is best to do with it. Because the money is more than the 50,000 maximum guaranteed by the government, I was thinking of using a second bank for part of the longterm savings. I spoke to the assistant at my regular bank- Garanti Bank - yesterday about this, but she said that with Garanti Bank I had nothing to worry about. It would be simpler to have it all saved in one bank, but I am worried about how the euro crisis may affect Turkish banks in the future, and I want to save a good part of the money longterm to get higher interest rates. I have been looking on the internet for the banks with the higher interest rates and Akbank seems to have good interest rates. But a Turkish friend told me that the government guarantee would not cover Akbank. Could that be true?
  7. I have a buyer for my apartment who has so far given me 1000 lira deposit, stating that the rest will be paid on Friday this week (saying they didnt want to lose the interest on their savngs account). I expected them to transfer the money into my bank account, and of course get a receipt from the bank for this........and then go on to change the tapu into thier name, electric, water etcBut I now learn that they are asking that the tapu be changed FIRST and talking about handing me the money in cash (69,000 lira). This seems totally insane to me.........and makes me highly suspicious. The go between who has found the buyer has said to me that they do not trust me to make the tapu over to them after handing me the money . But surely if they have a bank receipt for transferring that amount into an account in my name, that should be enough for them to take police action if I do refuse to give them the tapu after receivng the money?? Would my suggestion be normal in Turkey. ? (I've both sold and bought property here years before and I am pretty sure that I paid before receiving the tapu)Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated
  8. Back in February I reserved a room for a week in July. As the price on the hotels own website was the same as an agents, I thought I would give the hotel the benefit of my business direct, and booked directly with them via email. The price quoted in the email was the same as that shown on the website for a single room in July ...90 lira per night. I said the price was acceptable and I would like to reserve a room. I was then asked to pay 2 nights deposit of 180 lira and given bank account details to make the transfer. I did this and received an email confirming receipt of this and the reservation. A few days before the holiday, I rang the hotel to check on the last stage of the journey, and was told they were full and there was no record of my reservation. I gave the name of the person who had sent the emails and was told yes that was the owner of the hotel. The person on the phone then said they might be able to fit me in at another of their hotels, but that this would cost me 153 lira per night instead of 90. I said no thankyou and that if they did not return my deposit I would go to the police. The deposit was returned to my bank account (minus transfer fees I had paid)It was a small place I was planning to go to relax ... so no hopes of finding suitable alternative accommodation there in July. So in spite of my advance plan and booking, Ive lost my holiday. Can they get away with this? Is there any organisation I could make a formal complaint to?
  9. I've just received by express recorded delivery, from a delivery man who had an armful of identical envelopes, a Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu (MKK) Sicil Şifre Mektubu. Its all in very formal Turkish ...about the only part I really understand is saying ... 'do not throw this away!'Has anyone else received one of these, ? Can you tell me what its all about, please?
  10. Yes! Have finally found a flat to rent! Now I have to get myself moved there. Last time I moved house was over 8 years ago, and my then boyfriend and his friends rented a truck and did it themselves (lots of chips and scratches!) I want to use a professional mover this time. Any advice on what I should expect from them? Any firms particularly recommended (I'm in Fethiye)I've aquired alot of small possessions over the years (books, clothes, shoes, small kitchen equipment, ornaments etc etc) and want to start packing up gradually. Does anyone know if the removal firms supply containers? And, if so, how much in advance of the moving day will they provide them? Alternatively, I could see if I can use old boxes from the supermarket, maybe. Altho I am only moving within the same suburb, Ive realised it involves as much hassle as going across the country!! Any tips or advice on things to look out for would be wonderful
  11. Having agreed to the buyers request to leave my 2 airconditioners with the house, I'm finding alot of the apartments I am looking at with a view to renting dont have aircon. So I will need to buy these before moving in. My current make is Mitsubishi which I have no complaints at all about (12 years and still going strong) but this is an expensive make. I'd appreciate any tips on more medium priced airconditioners ... does anyone have a mid price make they would recommend? or warn against buying? Also realise that the technology has probably become more sophisticated in the last 12 years ........ is there anything to look out for in the way of extras that would be worth paying a bit more for?
  12. I constantly get calls from Turk Telekom telling me about their 'packages' and campaigns etc. I actually changed to one of their 'advantaj' packages around a year ago .......... but the calls havent stopped. They seem to have surges .... there was one 2 days ago, and then yesterday evening 2 in the same evening! (always a different employee ringing). Does anyone know if there is a way of stopping this?
  13. I need to be able to say politely but firmly (to estate agent!) 'please stop wasting my time and yours'. (They keep offering me totally unsuitable places to rent - I think they are just bored with nothing to do. But I am not!). The dictionary has ALOT of different words for waste, so I want to be sure I choose the correct one. Or is there a totally different way of saying this in Turkish? It would be a useful expression to know in alot of situations.
  14. Having no luck so far finding suitable unfurnished rented accommodation. Several people have told me that I should wait until the end of the summer season when there will be much more available. On balance I think it would be better to grit my teeth and stick it out here for a few more months, if I can then move to something really suitable for long term, rather than settle for something I dont really want now. But I am wondering just how big a seasonal variation there is. I live in Fethiye, which has a big tourism business and have been told that properties are rented for the season by people connected with tourism, both workers and tourists themselves. But I am wondering to what extent this is true, bearing in mind I am looking for Unfurnished accom. Would be good to hear from others who have rented in Fethiye or similar tourism oriented towns, as to how much better they think things might be in the autumn.
  15. I'm still searching for a rented apartment to move to having sold mine. (been out of action for 2 weeks (!) with a really bad throat infection which isnt helping). Just remembered that my house insurance ...the DASK plus an extra private deprem and yangin insurance I have, is due for renewal in a few weeks. It would be wonderful if I have moved by then, but, if not, is it possible to renew these policies for less than a full year? If so, which companies will do this?
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