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  1. lostinparadise

    Kimlik (Changing to a Turkish Name)

    I became a Turkish citizen with Turkish name in 2005. I've used my British passport (with British name) to travel outside Turkey and back twice - in 2006 and 2007. On holiday (in India and Thailand) I simply used the British passport. I certainly didnt have any problems coming back into Turkey - I dont remember if I just showed my kimlik (would you need a passport to enter your own country?) - or both passport and kimlik.Unless the regulations have changed since 2007 (in which case please let me know!!) there shouldnt be any problem based on my experience.
  2. lostinparadise

    Is There Renter's Insurance In Turkey?

    I understood that the compulsory DASK deprem sigorta covered the building only, and that that was the landlords responsibilty. I assumed that my own possessions inside the apartment would be my own responsibilty in an earthquake, just as they would in a fire. If thats not true, please let me know - because I am wasting my money on unnecessary premium payments!
  3. lostinparadise

    Is There Renter's Insurance In Turkey?

    I took out contents insurance with Akbank - but before doing so went over the situations covered - and was amazed that earthquake was NOT included. I asked to have this added in - it put up the premium noticeably - but I think its very worthwhile. A few months later we did have an earthquake here. I only lost a pretty vase (didnt bother to claim for that I confess) but whilst other people were panicking about their widescreen tvs etc - I just had to save myself! So I would advise making sure that 'deprem' is included.
  4. I had a bit of a drama last year, when, not knowing about the ridiculous reduction from 150 to 75 euros, I ordered sandals. The firm I use sends via DHL or UPS ... they decide which. In this case the order for 3 pairs was sent as 2 packages, with the more expensive sandals sent alone in one of these. Both packages came to just over 75 euros each. One was sent with DHL and another with UPS. They both contacted me and a long process of forms to be completed and returned etc etc I was worried because they told me there were storage charges whilst the process was carried out - v expensive ones - and I thought I would be liable for these. They told me that the sender would pay all charges though - and I wasnt asked to pay anything.Another totally different package at the same time sent by post involved payments in Fethiye to both customs and tax office and alot of to ing and fro ing.I've made sure since that I have kept any orders below the 75 euro ............. but this is not easy (especially with a stronger dollar against the euro). I had got the impression that I needed to have an importers license to receive a package valued at more than 75 euro - or pay far more than 20% duty.
  5. lostinparadise

    Verbs Involving Would

    I can understand how, as there is no direct translation, the context is important. In this case, I had ordered some items online and the firm had sent the wrong color nail polish (I am aware its not a life and death matter!) I would not have chosen that color myself, but wanted to ask a Turkish friend what they thought of it - and it made me realise that I was not sure how to say this in Turkish.Several people have recommended 'seçmezdim' .... aorist plus past .... I use this to mean 'used to' or as a negative 'did not use to' ... so would have thought using that option would mean 'I didn't use to choose this color'.....which sounds a bit strange, but possible. But in this case, 'I' would be deciding to choose this color so the desired meaning is not the same.
  6. lostinparadise

    Verbs Involving Would

    Hi Quinn - that would be a great idea. (I don't know for sure what the regulations on the website would be for this myself but wouldnt think it would be a problem here)
  7. lostinparadise

    Verbs Involving Would

    thanks for your replies - all of them v useful and interesting. Istanbulwhiteboy - what is 'K' level?
  8. lostinparadise


    Ladies basketball team are due to play USA late this evening. (I hadnt realised the Olympics went on at night - or have I misunderstood the schedule?). I watched their previous game against Angola and was surprised at how short (I thought) a couple of the players were. Just seen info about the team online - the 'short' players arent short - its just that the others are amazingly tall. e.g. 1.9 m The webpage gave their height and weight - but not their shoe size ... or where on earth in Turkey they manage to buy ladies shoes!
  9. lostinparadise

    Verbs Involving Would

    Wanting to say 'I would not have chosen this colour'. The best I could come up with was ....'Bu rengi secmeyecektim'. Is there a more appropriate way to say this kind of sentence I wonder?
  10. lostinparadise


    mine were a lady hockey player from the Netherlands and a British male springboard diver! (I suspect my muscle to belly fat ratio is a bit different from theirs - maalesef!)
  11. lostinparadise


    Digiturks channel 87 - TRT3 Sport - is showing the Olympics through most of the day.
  12. lostinparadise

    Switching To A Laptop - Any Advice?

    I've only ever used a tabletop computer but am thinking of changing to a laptop, as I would like something I can use anywhere in the apartment. (current computer is in a small non-aircon' office' so not happy in this weather!)I am completely ignorant about laptops (well computers in general to be honest) so any advice would be appreciated.I had heard a few years ago that laptops were slower than tabletop computers - but does newer technology mean that is not the situation these days? Does it depend on the GB?I will be using the computer mainly for internet. (won't be playing computer games or anything like that). Around the apartment and on the balcony. (I won't be carrying it to the beach etc with me, so doesnt need to be ultra lightweight).The screen needs to be good non-flicker quality as I have photosensitive epilepsy - 100 htz.I'd be grateful for any advice on pros and cons of different types of laptop, what to look out for etc etc (buying here in Turkey)
  13. lostinparadise

    Turkish Tv News Channels - Any Recommendations?

    thanks for your replies. I ve had a look at several of the suggestions so far - will look at others later today. I found 360 on my digiturk package too. was live broadcase of CHP on most news channels when I was watching.....found it very interesting indeed (wish my Turkish was better). Also looked at Show TV news in evening and I really liked the newsreader - middle aged male (or possibly old if you are younger than I am!!) who seemed to speak slightly slower and very clearly.I had no idea that Euronews offered all those language options! It is a good place to watch in one language and then the other, as news summaries are short I don't watch it often as the english language voice over people often have irritating accents and ways of speaking (!) - the Turkish voices were much pleasanter.If there are any other Turkish programs (apart from news) anyone can recommend with people speaking fairly slowly and clearly I would be interested (apart from cookery type of thing which I find much too boring in any language!)
  14. My Turkish has taken a back seat over the past 12 months due to some nasty problems in my life, and I really need to freshen it up and start improving it again.I'd like to start watching the news in Turkish, but find it very difficult. Picture me sitting in front of the TV saying 'yavaş lütfen!!' (they don't take any notice of my request!).I wonder if anyone can recommend a channel. (I have the usual Digiturk channels). Anything too highbrow would be beyond my Turkish I am sure. And I cannot handle ladies with squeaky voices!!! (why do they do that?).I surf about and tend to come back to NTV, but am just getting started so would be interested in other peoples opinions. Also, are there any particular programs?
  15. lostinparadise

    Sağlık Sigorta Premiums Payment

    Thanks Cukurbaglı. Ah well - the bank is a nice cool airconditioned spot to sit these days!