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  1. Hi Sunny. If the guy is a Turkish National then I guess that your expert is correct. If you are not then you can get away without paying the Tax. Mine is imported and no Tax paid. Wouldn't like to go to court and argue the point though. Ian
  2. Hi Sunny. No you do not pay the Tax even when you change it to Turkish Plates. Thats the idea behind freezing your Bank Account. You CAN choose to pay the Tax which in my case is 40,000TL or not. If you are naughty and sell it to a Turk then they will take your cash from your Bank Account. I just put up with the grief and tell myself not to make the same mistake again. Ian
  3. Hi Godbrother. You will have no end of problems with an imported car. Here are some of them and I have one so I do know. You can only sell it to another foreigner with a Residents Permit and living in Turkey. You can bring in the car for 6 months and then take it out for 6 months, then you can bring it back for another 6 months after that you cannot bring it back in again. You can import the car without paying Tax or KDV. but you must leave a sum of money Frozen in your Bank Account ( you do get the interest though ) Turing will tell you how much. I have a Land Rover Freelander 40,000TL frozen. If you follow this route then every time you leave the country without it you must leave it at your Nearest Port of Entry and pay 8 TL per day for the pleasure of doing so. You will also have to insure it at your original Port of Entry and if this expires before you get the documents to import it then you must go back to your original Port of Entry to re insure . I have an ongoing problem when I wish to leave the country as Passport Police do not normally know the procedure so I am delayed for around 30 / 60 minutes whilst they check it out. Next, if you do leave the country on a regualar basis then your Passport will soon be filled with stamps from Customs where you have to leave your car. All in all, Don't Bother ! Buy one here bit more expensive but no hassle. Ian
  4. Mari. To find out all the correct information you need to contact. Turing. They are part of the Turkish Goverment and they deal with imported cars. They are based in Levent 4 Istanbul and that is all the info I have to hand. It is not easy as I have one. The tax ( which can be frozen in your own bank account and you still get the interest can be 40,000TL.) From memory, I do not think that your husband can do this, he must pay the tax in cash. Ask Turing they have all the answers and Good Luck. Ian
  5. Sunny,As I understand it your post is correct. The law was changed last year but as this is Turkey, the Insurance and (not all of ) the police are now aware of it. They give you conflicting advice. To digress slightly, for all the Yabanci's that are driving on there home country License for more than six months ( in the UK's case ) then in the event of an accident the insurance Co. want to see your Passport to check if your last entry stamp is longer than six months. If it is then they will not pay out. Both my and my wife's insurance state that the vehicle can be driven by ' immediate family ' what on earth does that really mean. I hope that somebody can tell me.
  6. Hi Osman. I have a privately imported car although I did not import myself. The other things to consider are the amount of Bond that Turing impose and Freeze in your bank account ( you do get the interest ) and the fact that if you leave the country without it then you have to leave it at the customs compound at your nearest port of entry. Also if you travel a lot like I do then your passport will soon fill up with the stamps from customs/ car and you will need a new one. If you want to buy mine ( Freelander 2003 model 87000 K ) then let me know. Ian
  7. Hi Nick, this is what I had to do in Antalya. Firstly I bought a car off my German pal who had imported it into Turkey. Doing this is different from importing yourself but the basic's are still there. No import tax was paid on the car and it must be changed to Turkish Plates. Next you have to register the car with the customs at Port of Entry. Then to Turing who will give you a Carne ( at an horrendous cost for each bike ) next you go back to Customs who do a lot of Paperwork and then send you to another Customs office for more paperwork. After this you go back to the original Customs office who will stamp various bits of paper and then you have to go to the Traffic Police. Total cost for my car was 1800 TL and as somebody else said they take a Bond off you which in my case was 70,000TL. It's not worth it mate. As much as you love them, sell them before you arrive. Ian
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