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  1. Hi, a friend of mine and his wife are always renting from this compagny : http://www.cizgirentacar.com/en After your arrival they are waiting outside with a sign and your name on it. Cash pay and no creditcard needed. You make the reservation for the car online. I hope this helps you. Have a nice day and good luck!
  2. Goodmorning, I have a Vodafone number and a monthly packet. I pay 28 TL for 500 minutes, 1000 sms and 2 GB internet. The moment the package is almost finished, I receive a message that the packet is used for 80% with an option to retrieve some more MB's or minutes. (5 TL for 250 minutes more and 5 TL for 500 MB extra. Even they offer now for 10 TL 1 GB, or when you buy 20 TL extra 1 GB free internet). This is the website : http://www.vodafone.com.tr/Tarifeler/Altin-Tarifeler.php#efsane It automatically renews, 3 days before you receive a message with date and time mentioned, they will renew the package if there is enough credit on the simcard. For monthly payment numbers (abone) they charge different rates. I use prepaid, because I want to be in controll myself and not being surprised by an expensive phonebill. I am very satisfied, never no problems with the internet, and pretty fast. Also almost all can be done online, as long you have enough 'kontur' on your simcard. You sign in with your phonenumber on the same website, and a password you will receive after sending a message to 7000 with 'S' .. About your other question : I can't help you with that part, but I am sure that 1 of the other members in Istanbul can answer this. Good luck with all!!
  3. Another scam : the so called ' black money laundering scam' Youtube shows videos of it. Or this one : The 'special expensive' solution is a mix of water and vitamine C tablets. the black paint turns out to be black shoe polish or iodine. All of us know the many phishing emails, daily we delete minimum 5 of them out of our junk folder or inbox.. It is certainly something what people need to know..
  4. As a restaurant owner, I am not doubting about Tripadvisor at all. Some restaurants are pushing their clients very much regarding writing a review on Tripadvisor, we don't. It must be a honest review, not fake because the restaurants want to be higher in rank. We just applied for a reservation button at Tripadvisor.com, and the women who called me was very friendly and helpfull. We ourselves are very happy with the services of Tripadvisor.
  5. Hi we are owning a restaurant in Oba. Yes Oba is cheaper then Alanya centre. You can write me all your questions in a private message. I will try to help you.
  6. Registering a company is not difficult, just you need an accountant who knows all the ways how to do. But it is difficult, you are foreign so you need a Turkish partner, then will go easier. To find the right partner takes time, and trust. Here in Alanya are several big construction companies, but I think they keep this all under their own control. Etu Construction, Oguzhan Construction and Toros Cekic Construction, are well known names in Alanya.
  7. Finding a job here in Alanya is very difficult. In tourism there is enough work, mainly in the summertime. Can you explain to me which kind of job you and your wife are doing, can you explain more about it? Then I can probably give you some more detailed answers.
  8. Pictures of Alanya, a small impression.
  9. This is the website of Akdeniz Elektrik Dagitim for announcements regarding planned power cuts : http://www.akdenizedas.com.tr/en/sayfa.asp?mdl=kesinti&sehir=0 Pretty handy!
  10. Thank you Yes, this version is even available in other languages also, but I saw it about 1 year ago, I think, for the last time. Many of these kind of short introduction movies are on Youtube.
  11. We receive these kind of emails daily, including from 'Microsoft' and the last one was from a cargo company in Turkey. They are generally coming from Africa, the same stories, inheritance, urgent assistment, father/mother died in war .. Just report as phishing email to your emailprovider A nice day to everybody!!
  12. For me it was not rude what Ken said, some of us had 1 or more experiences before in his/her life, which we dont want happening to other people. We had our share too, and we are still fighting to get out of this problem. Life in Turkey is different then in Europe or anywhere else in the world, what I write now is not meant negatively. Doing business in Turkey is keeping your eyes open, 24 hours a day. Following your place and workers 24 hours daily, day in day out, 365 days a year. A nice day / weekend to everybody, greetings from all of us out of heavenly clouded,rainy Alanya!
  13. Yes it is hard to be successful. That's why I wrote, regarding first checking the area before people are starting something. About workers : yes some hotels are offering their personel bad rooms to sleep, even under the hotel, thin matrasses, and smelling very bad. Our staffmembers are all from Alanya area, last year we had some persons out of the city, after the season it took 2 cleaning women 2 days to clean the apartment we did rent for them. Hotelstaff is working very hard, from 07.00-15.00, then little break, and starting again 18.00-00.00, even sometimes later. It is a hard, intensive job.. but you meet different people. Listen to your intuition, it is the best way.
  14. @ Ken The childhood friend of my husband took much money behind our back, he didn't do what he promissed us to do as he said at the beginning. These things almost did cost us the restaurant itself ..but we managed. Just 2 days before somebody came in, and he told us he would like to become a partner, but the moment I looked in his eyes, and at his behaviour I knew it would be a big mistake. I have learned to listen to my intuition, and also my husband is trusting me this part now. Also when a restaurant owner is on his/her own, you can do what you think is right and in the best way. With a partner next to you, all of this is so so difficult. Workers : we had all problems, from drinking personel, untill not showing up the next day without any reason at all, they just left. We don't except they are harassing women, we want them to treat all clients with respect. Youw workers can 'make' or 'break' the place. Regarding the menu : we offer some typical things from Holland which other restaurants cant even get here, they are imported or brought to us by friends or family. Also our cook chef puts all his power inside our kitchen, and he sometimes comes up with surprises regarding menu's he makes. They are sold as 'daily chef special's ' .. it is not only what this chef is creating with his hands in the kitchen, also his character and head must be thinking the best for his workplace. Last year we had a chef cook, who left after 23.00 anyway, it didn't matter how many customers were still inside our restaurant. Our current chef cook comes in the morning, has a break in the afternoon, and goes home when the last clients are leaving our place. Think about that a really good chef cook costs about 3500-4000 TL a month. Yes expensive, but when your food is very good, also clients come back several times after their first visit. Clean toilets, clean kitchen and good food, and good service, friendly staffmembers ..it all can bring you a good mouth to mouth recommendation.
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