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  1. I have changed my profile as female. Thank so much Ken.
  2. Hello, I can tell you that, you and your brother may send power of attorney from the countries you are now living, then the attorney in law act on behalf of you according to the power of attorney.
  3. First of all, he needs to prove that he is, your baby's father. He may set up a court case in Uk or in Turkey. If he wins that court case and organize his fathership legally, then he will meet with your baby. After that period, it will be an obligation for you to arrange the meetings with him. But this is, not right now.
  4. Dear Lolalola, The waiting time for the women after divorce is 300 days.
  5. I just wanted to say thanks, LawyerNaz, for your help to our members!

  6. Hi are you a turkish lawyer? If so I have a problem with a tapu and would like some advice what to do


  7. lawyernaz

    Atm/ Card Fraud

    It is totally crime. You should go to the justice house and have a complaint to the procecutor regarding this matter. You should not expectthat the bank will direct you. There are cameras in the banks and the prosecutor has right to demand the camera records from the bank . Then your situation will be clarified.
  8. lawyernaz


    It is simply like that. Apostille signature makes the foreign legal document valid in Turkiye.
  9. Dear Lezlig,You should collect all the needed documents for the military permission. Then the builder/seller should demand and sign the documents for you military then the documents will be registered to the title deed office. They will give a registiration number. If one of the debts belong to the tax office or social security system, etc. (I mean goverment debt), you cannot transfer the title deed on to your name. If they are related with normal demanders, you can have the title deed with the debts on it. In this option you need to be ok to have the title deed with the debts on it. It is not advised to have the title deed carrying the debts on it. Because the demanders can sell the house and have their demanded amounts from the hosue.
  10. You need to register to the Turkish court and make your divorce recognized in Turkiye. Because you are seen as married in Turkish records. I should warn you that it will take time and then you are free to marry legally.
  11. Dear Tanya,You donot need the marriage book to get rid of this marriage. When you register to the court, the court can prove the marriage information, documents from the goverment offices. But you should register to the court to cancel this marriage; not for divorcing. You have strong and also legally enough reasons to cancel the marriage but have have a deadline which is 6 months time. You should get legal advise from a lawyer. I guess I can help you. Kind Regards
  12. There is no declared normal legal fee to investigate the inheritance. Investigating in the banks for accounts, in title deed office there should be a lawyer. Otherwise the officers donot provide the information demanded. Kind Regards
  13. Sorry for your friend's situation. She should absolutely register to the civil court and she should proove that she gave the money to him to establish the business. If she had sent the money by bank or any kind of receipt,at least she can get her monay back but not the business.
  14. The Turkish consulate in UK or Moldova should do that. Because the consulates have the power to approve the documents if the documents were prepared in Turkiye or Turkiye's goverment offices.
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