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  1. Please, do tell me exactly where I should be living!! And I have lived in 4 different countries, we moved back to UK after 2 years in Turkey. I feel the same about Turkey as you do about UK. But that's OK. We moved back to UK and you can move back to Turkey......so we're all happy, right? By the way, where are you living and working?
  2. We lived in a non-touristy part of Istanbul. I got stared at all the time. Mainly by women. I actually felt less stared at in the traditional touristy places in Istanbul. Turks can tell if you're a foreigner from a mile away. It happened in the street/shopping centre, everywhere. I personally felt that it was the less educated who stared the most. Also a lot of scarf wearing women would stare. It's just my experience.
  3. sue

    Our Kids At School

    One of the things that struck me at the schools in Turkey, is the lack of support for kids with learning difficulties. They are left in their grade class and given exactly the same work as the others......and given the same exams too. Parents tend to take them to psychologists on a regular basis, who will prescribe medication. The parents are extremely anxious about their special needs children, and the teachers are extremely frustrated with their behavioural issues. There are NO strategies to deal with any of the issues this type of student may bring to the school. Absolutely, 100%, if you have the choice.....don't move a non-Turkish speaking child with any sort of special needs to school in Turkey. An American school may have more understanding and support for him...... BUT be warned......schools LOVE to tell you what you want to hear BEFORE you enroll and pay the fees........afterwards you'll be banging your head against a brick wall. Best of luck!!
  4. Generally parents choose what their children will eat or wear. As they get older they have a bit more say in those choices. Eventually, they become young adults and make their own choices. Asking for or giving advice is normal , of course. if you are an adult, you should be choosing your own food and clothes, you can take your partner's tastes/beliefs into account if you choose to, but them picking your food and clothes for you is a step too far, I feel.
  5. I think you'll be surprised at what Istanbul women wear when they go out - a short dress and heels will be fine. No need to bother with a headscarf there are plenty of blondes about! And just wear what you'd wear here in the cold weather, long boots are very popular. And I'm sure if you're with your bf, he'll be keeping his eyes out for any inappropriate behaviour - but be warned - women will stare at you! good luck and have a great time.
  6. Run away!! It's really spooky to have a group of men so interested in your life. There is nothing normal about their behaviour. Honestly, I'd be worried they were going to kidnap me, or my kids. Make sure you keep yourself and your kids secure. Weird story!
  7. Atakoy and Yesilkoy are closer to the airport on the European side, also I think there is a ferry from Avcilar on European side to kadikoy. They are about 20 mins to the airport by road.
  8. oh, yeah, be careful with the make-up....... I've got white-blonde eye brows, and the woman drew them in with black pencil!!!!!!! Then the blue eye shadow - I looked like a clown....she was quite miffed when I said no,no,no,no,no and wiped it off.
  9. You're welcome. Also, couples usually get a set of professional photos taken in their engagement gear, so he should wear a nice suit too. You can choose some fantastical backgrounds for your photos, and they'll touch them up digitally, so you both look flawless!! BTW - you should go to a hairdresser's to get your hair and make-up done - maybe with his mum and other girlfriends of his/aunts whatever. But be warned, the make-up can be a bit heavy - they like to look as though they'll be singing on Eurovision!!!
  10. I love Canga bars. I always want to call them Ganja bars.
  11. Hi ash, I recently went to an engagement party at an apartment. The bride-to-be wore a glamorous red evening dress, hair and make-up done. The other women wore smart evening wear, but not dresses ie. Trousers, skirts and posh tops. But they all took very high-heels to wear in the house. All had their hair and make-up done (either up-do's or posh pony tails). (Usually, the nikah takes place in the bride's mother's village, they have a bus trip and stay over night.) There was a cake, and a buffet, lots of tea, and photos of everyone pinning a piece of gold on her dress. As for a present, I'd suggest an interesting ceramic tea pot, maybe a matching cup and saucer, and maybe a nice tin of shortbread, they like those sort of biscuits, and she can re-use the tin and show people!! I'd say that even very liberal, educated, western thinking Turks still carry out the cultural habits where these things are concerned. Drinking alcohol doesn't stop someone being a Muslim. You should see how much is consumed at a sunnet!!! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine and she'll love you!
  12. 2 weeks between 1st and 2nd semester (Jan/Feb). Kids have 14 weeks off, teachers stay for 2 weeks after they leave for summer, (last 2 weeks of June) and start 2 weeks before they return (Aug/Sept). Plus all the national holidays......and 'snow days'!!! This was a private school.
  13. It's quite common, unfortunately. I recently read about a woman in Wales who pretended to be several different men.(The hoaxer who breaks women's hearts) A problem with on-line dating sites, I guess, and quite common from Nigeria. I hope you get over it all.
  14. So, there are 2 much needed weeks off school - 26th Jan-10th Feb. I really, really want to get away for a few days. We need help with some recommendations. I don't mind if it's snowy or cold or warm, just really need a change of scene. Have you been anywhere at this time of year that was worth a visit? Pansion/B&B/Hotel - anything! Any suggestions? Thanks
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