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    Bodrum was originally named Halikarnassos, and colonised by the Dorians from the Peloponnese ( Greece) in the 12th century BC.They existed alongside the Carians, settling on a small island which in later years, due to land movements, became a peninsula, and the location of a medieval castle of the Knights of St John. The famous historian, Herodotus, came from Bodrum, and wrote much about it fortunes , besides other areas of Turkey.Nowadays, Bodrum is a very popular tourist resort especially for the younger people, with its array of massive nightclubs and bars. For the quieter holiday, there are other towns further along the coastline.It
  2. In the more populated towns, often the family circle differs in that children will move out of the family home, to get more independence and freedom and live more a European lifestyle , but will always be there for the family in times of trouble, problems, ill health, due to the strong bonds forged from early on. The village life can be difficult to understand to our way of thinking, and at times can seem unfair. In some areas, the boys and girls will eventually leave home perhaps to find work, leaving maybe the youngest at home to help the parents. Most villagers will have a few animals, cows, goats, sheep and endless chickens to look after and maybe some land to grow crops on, besides this they will also work for others at harvest times to earn extra cash. They live quite a simple but at times a hard life, compared to what we are used to, eating home grown vegetables and baking their bread, preserving fruit for winter and occasionally eating meat, which is normally reserved for religious festivals, weddings and such like. A village family that I know, the parents were asked by an admirer of their youngest daughter (26), if he could marry her. They refused him permission as her elder brother (34) was not yet married and she had to stay at home to look after her parents (62 and 65), animals and land. Her brother is now married and her admirer decided not to wait and married another girl. This girl lives a 15 minute drive away from a Town, vary rarely visits, and when she does, looks like a fish out of water. This will now be her life, as I believe her parents will not let her marry now, a selfish streak of the parents. The son married an English girl, and they are having a house built on the land next to the parents! He asked her if she will look after his parents as well, and got a definite No as the answer, unless illness or something occurred. This is where the cultural differences happen despite the son working away for a few years in Bodrum, he
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