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  1. First you go to the Maliye, general tax office. There you obtain a document stating that there are no fines, debts, on the car. No charge. Then you goto the notary office, where the contract is drawn up, and the car is paid for. With translator approx. 75Tl. Then go to a traffik office, an agent, who will arrange the transfer of the vehicle`s documents into your names. He will pay the tax, and the Govt. 3rd. party ins., number plates etc. Total cost approx. 350/400Tl. Then, if you want Kasko, fully comp. ins., go to a broker. Max. 400/600Tl. It depends on the car. Do remember that only the people named on the car`s registration papers may drive it, if it is registered to a foreigner. However, if it is registered in a Turkish name anyone may drive it. Re. TUV., Mot, it gives the date that this is due on the car`s documents.
  2. Look up Hotels on Travel Republic, or a similar site. That way you will know what is open, also the prices are often cheaper.
  3. The coast road is much slower than the inland routes. But, the scenery makes it worthwhile, and if you are driving yourself, you have many more options. Stop where you want, stay where you want. Enjoy your trip.
  4. By replying, all that you do is confirm that they have reached a live e=mail. If you want to have a dig at them open a seperate e=mail a/c.
  5. Unfortunately, your rights in Tukey, are the same as any U. K. tourist. For the present.
  6. I recently bought a Navigo GPS from Migros, for 200Tl. It works fine and you can change the menu and voices into English. It also has multimedia, and a micro SD slot. It charges from the car, or by USB. I also find that my motorola phone charger works with it. It has good coverage of Turkey, with city maps. You can also load it with Tom Tom maps. The software is made by the same people who do the mapping software for iphone. I am happy with it. It is also a handy pocket size.
  7. There are currently some good deals available, for less than 20,000tl, new. With a guarantee, of between three and five years. Just google, these are not V. W. or Ford, but still good cars. Or look through the forums, or online newspaper adverts, in English.
  8. beldibi

    Permits To Fish

    The law changed a little while ago. There are restricted areas, and protected fish stocks. But, the general rule of thumb, is that recreational fishing does not require a permit. Use less than 7 hooks on a line, no nets, and be aware of the permitted size of fish. The info. is on govt. websites, in english. You should have no problems, also kit is cheap and good here.
  9. Regarding directions. On one of my visits to Izmir, they had changed the road system again, and I became disorientated. I stopped, and asked a middle aged man, how to get to Carrefour. He replied that he was heading in that direction. He then hopped into the car, and guided us to the general area. All the time calling his friends on his mobile, and telling them that an English Taxi was bringing him home. It worked to everyones satisfaction. Though, what were the chances in a City the size of Izmir.
  10. Welcome to the forum, you will get plenty of support here.
  11. nergdesign,Congratulations on your wedding, and best wishes for your future.
  12. The speed limit for van based vehicles is 10% below the posted speed limit. The traffic police allow a 10% margin of error, on the radar result. Therefore, on a 90kph speed limited road, they will not fine you, if you are traveling at 88kph, or below. This was explained to me by a traffic policeman, as he fined me. I was driving a Ford Connect. He then asked me where I was going, and then told me where all the other speed checks were operating.
  13. You will need a decree nisi, in respect of U. K. marriages. Also a document of No Impediment, from english and turkish authorities. You need to make contact with the Consulates/Turkish Councils, before you proceed. If the paperwork is correct, there are no problems. I forgot to say that any foreign documents will need to be Apostilled, by your Foreign Office. i.e. notarised translation..
  14. The ban relates to hand luggage only. No limits on liquids in hold baggage.
  15. Havas run a bus service from the Domestic terminal, to the bus station. This service is linked to Domestic flight arrivals, so you will need to look at the Dalaman airport site, to check arrivals.
  16. Glad to be of help. That is what this, a decent forum, is all about. I hope everything works out well for you.
  17. Thanks for your replies, I have looked in Migros and Kipa, with no luck. I shall look again. Thanks for the link Sunny. I was going to try Tabu, but then decided my Turkish was not up to it.
  18. Has anyone come across a Turkish version of Scrabble?
  19. Nowadays it is a relatively straight forward procedure. Have a look at these links.http://www.anatoliansky.co.uk/Home/Holiday... Honeymoons.aspxhttp://www.turkishweddings.com/A quick google search will reveal more options.
  20. Not gospel, approx. 5000GBP., without declaration. With declaration and supporting paperwork, I do not think that there is a limit.
  21. For cash the rules are similar to the U. K., electronically, no problems. Turkey has embraced the internationalanti-money laundering rules. Re. food, Turkey has similar rules to most countries ie. no meat, eggs, dairy products etc.. In practice if they are small amounts in your hold luggage, they do not tend to get too excited.
  22. Hi. I can only speak of my own experience. I shipped a 20ft. container from Northern Ireland to Izmir. It did not contain much in the way of furniture, it is more cost effective to buy furniture here. It did contain a hell of a lot of electrical and petrol power tools plus books, paintings, crystal, bedding, kitchen stuff etc. It also contained numerous other electrical items. The customs are very hot on anything that can receive a signal. These items were packed into boxes towards the front of the container. On the appointed day I left Marmaris, with a Turkish friend, we expected to be away for two days, at 0510hrs.. Of course it was the morning after the bombs in Marmaris, so every 10 miles a police checkpoint. Anyway we got to Izmir at about 0745hrs., had a tulip of tea. Then went to my shipping agents office, made some arrangements, then went to the Port. I will point out that I had submitted a fairly concise manifest. I then employed an `Agent` in the port to facilitate customs clearance. I met the `Boss` of the customs, greeted him politely in Turkish, he grunted in reply, then told my `Agent` to bog off, he was not properly licensed. Told him to bring his boss. At this point I was not the happiest bunny in the port, anyway the boss appeared, something was stamped, and off we went to another office, where I discovered that the Turkish translations had not been done. So my friend and I bought tea and cigarettes and repaired outside. There, with his limited english, and my even more limited turkish, we cobbled together a `translation` of the manifest. We then went back into an office womanned by two ladies. We spent a pleasant 40mins. taking a quick walk through the manifest. With comments like this, why does he need so many tools for the house and garden?, Oh Europeans have a different mentality. What is a cocktail cabinet?, It is used for keeping alcohol in, and serving drinks. Is there any drink in it?, No, Ok. What is a gun safe? It is for securely storing guns in. Ah, are there any guns in it? No. Ok. Seriously, if you are polite and patient you will be unlikely to have to many problems. My wife had cartons of Heinz products etc. stashed in with everything else. The number of cartons and individual items exactly matched the manifest. If your numbers are right, everything`s right. I think that when the container arrived with us only two or three cartons had been opened. Summary. Communicate with both your U. K. and Turkish shipping agent. Be prepared to hire someone local, whose face is familiar. Take a Turkish friend and be patient and polite. I think that we paid approx. 1200ytl. in tax. I left Izmir at 1230hrs. that same day. Oh, and do laugh at yourself, play the silly foreigner. David
  23. Hi, You no longer need to register a foreign mobile with customs, just at Turcell Exra shop, with passport and receipt. You are allowed to register one new phone each year. David
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