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  1. with all this info it has really put me off even thinking of buying,far too dangerous,i think i will stay in france,
  2. hi man it sounds as though they really dont want to accede to the eu market place,in fact this seems a wee bit disturbing to say the least,what happen if you buy secondhand then the tapu must surely be in place,nevertheless it is not very encouraging!!
  3. it seems it is getting hard to obtain the tapu,and i was told on a website they dont look on foreigners favourably buying properties is this true?
  4. i have been told that the agents in turkey add 20% to the purchase price of a dwelling and that dodgy dealing is rife what is your experience?surely most are safe!!
  5. we are planning to move to turkey soon and i have heard that asmall electrical item such as a television/cd player etc has an enormous duty on each item,it seems that everything of a lowish cost will not b worth taking with us as the excessive price charged at customs is more than the cost of the item,any comments appreciated,thanks
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