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  1. Wow, thanks for all the great advice. I have never heard of the green mosque but running a quick search I have to put this on the checklist of placeses to go. Istanbul has so much history and so much places of interest that I hope I can make time to see all the sites. I was planning to go alone and thats why I would have gone with the barin hotel(51 USD per night) but a friend wants to go with me so I think I will stay at the crown plaza for 125 USD a night. I'm not going to istanbul for the nightlife or the bars but would like to find places that attract more of the younger crowed. Any ideas?
  2. Hi eveyone, my name is Mike and im a lebanese american planning to go to Turkey for the first time. I'm going there to see all that istanbul has to offer but mainly to see the blue mosque. This is actually one of many trips I will be taking to fullfill my goal of praying in a mosque in every country that I can. I'm trying to research the "must visit" spots in turkey and I think this site is a good place to start. I have a couple questions that I hope can be answeard before I ask more and more and more questions lol.1. I know english and broken arabic, is it a major problem not knowing turkish?2. I plan on offering Shia prayers in the mosque, would that cause a problem with the majority sunni people in the mosque?3. I have narrowed it down to two hotels. Which one should I stay at, the hotel barin or the Crown plaza(both in istanbul)?4. How much spending money should I take for a 3 night trip? Thanks in advance.
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