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  1. HiI am English - hubby Turkish - married in Adana,Turkay. Both living in UK. After nearly 3yrs we are having an amicable divorce. We are both confused about the procedure and have Googled for hours! What do I need to do in the UK? I don't understand why we need to divorce in the UK as when I contacted London Registrar they emailed me to say if I was happy that it was a legal marriage in Turkey, the UK didn't need to know! I have recently contacted a local solicitor who told me I should get the 'wedding wallet' from my husband for us to proceed. Hubby says he needs it to divorce me in Turkey! We have read something about an 'Apostille'. Is this a legal document which is my agreement to a divorce and which I have to sort out with my solicitor? Should my hubby take this to Turkey or just provide his Turkish solicitor's details for my solicitor to send on? My solicitor said she needs the wedding wallet as it has to be destroyed. Is the process:1. My solicitor gets the wedding wallet and prepares an Apostille2. Hubby then takes the Apostille to his chosen solicitor in Turkey or maybe my solicitor sends it to his Turkish solicitor?3. The Turkish solicitor sends it to courtOr ........ have I lost the plot totally? What is the length of time from Turkish solicitor to court and divorce? Thank you in advance. CAB
  2. Whilst visiting London recently we called into a Turkish supermarket where my Turkish hubby bought some tall dried 'weeds'. His Turkish friend has told him its 'Mountain Tea' (plants collected in the mountains hence the name). Does anyone know what the weed/herb might be please? Its about 2ft high. Buff coloured (whole plant) and has small, tightly closed, pea-size flowers going up the main stem. Quite smelly when boiled and produces a yellowy green 'tea'. Not exactly my cup of tea (no pun intended) but hubby loves it. Mind you he's addicted to salgam .... need I say anymore?! CAS
  3. Congratulations Chala! As we maried 29th Dec it was too close to xmas to expect any of my family and friends to fly to Adana for our wedding but we had an amazing day. Married in the Reg Office (the ugly one not the one with lots of big round tables in the windows and then 5 of us went to Hasnusta kebap house (famous in the area and used by wedding parties for ad-hoc receptions) followed by us all larking around on a bridge over the river until sunset. Everyone that has seen our thrown together wedding album has loved it .... You dont need to spend a fortune on fancy cars, professional photographer, designer dresses etc .... I speak from happy experience. Five weeks, 1hr and 5 mins to seeing hubby in the flesh ...... the first time since I left him on 5th January tho to be fair we do see/speak for 2 hrs 7 nights a week and then there's the texts, phone calls, e-mails etc. Good luckCAB
  4. Am I impatient or is the Turkish postal service very very slow if it works at all??? Five weeks for a book to travel Uk to AdanaWelcome Home card UK to Adana posted mid-August never received (it is now Feb...)!!! So far, t-shirt has taken 3-4 wks - will it arrive or will it fall into the 'black hole' with the Welcome Card?! Valentine's Card posted one week ago ..... anyone want to take bets as to whether it will ever get to my hubby - OK, so I was late posting it and only gave myself 3wks for delivery!!! Hubby posted 2 certificates to me 3wks ago ..... bets on when or if I will get them??? Maybe I am holding my mouth wrong when I write the addresses???? Any tips please ....... thankfully I am 'posting' this on the computer ... LOL ..... BWCAB
  5. HiyaMy experience of Turkish flights like other countries is that it depends on where you are flying to. For instance, I usually pay around
  6. Many thanks. Bonny Scotland??? Grim and rainy South Yorkshire actually ... LOLI'm staying here, going out to Turkey (Apr-Oct) to join Beni for 6mths and keeping my fingers crossed I can get a job in Icmeler or Marmaris. We are returning to our respective homes with him visiting me at the end of the year and a view to him getting a job here and then going through the lengthy and expensive process of him moving here. But, the end of the year is another chapter in the book of life. We are concentrating on the coming months so far. We keep in touch daily with texts, phone calls, e-mails and since yesterday webcam .... modern technology is weird yet wonderful when it works as he has to rely on an internet cafe. BWCAB
  7. Hi - happy new year! I was married on 29 December in Adana to a Turkish National - Beni. Having had lots of advice etc from this great site I thought I would update you with our experiences.(Costs at 2.12YTL:
  8. Hi LauraMany thanks. Another question ...... when you say 'local consulate', do you mean the Brit Consulate down in London or the Brit Cons in Ankara which is the nearest to Adana or the Turkish Cons in Ankara? So many consulates and none on our doorstep I am getting travel sick! BWCAS
  9. HiI have trawled various sites to check out what paperwork I require as a Brit marring a Turkish National in Turkey. My fiance has also sent me a list of things I have to do as he has been sorting things out at the Registrar's Office his end. We are getting married in Adana end of December (fingers AND toes crossed!) As I don't arrive in Adana until 21st Dec it will be a close call for us to travel to our respective Consulates in Ankara to do more paperwork. I've got everything together eg Cert of Non-Impediment etc but now I have found a web site which states I will need a medical examination in Turkey before we can marry. Is this correct? I've also been told I need an 'International Marriage Licence'. Is this something I have to apply for or is it something we get once we are married - if we get that far???!!! Google not being helpful here. Many thanks in advance. CAS
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