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  1. HiI am English - hubby Turkish - married in Adana,Turkay.Both living in UK. After nearly 3yrs we are having an amicable divorce.We are both confused about the procedure and have Googled for hours!What do I need to do in the UK?I don't understand why we need to divorce in the UK as when I contacted London Registrar they emailed me to say if I was happy that it was a legal marriage in Turkey, the UK didn't need to know!I have recently contacted a local solicitor who told me I should get the 'wedding wallet' from my husband for us to proceed. Hubby says he needs it to divorce me in Turkey!We have read something about an 'Apostille'.Is this a legal document which is my agreement to a divorce and which I have to sort out with my solicitor?Should my hubby take this to Turkey or just provide his Turkish solicitor's details for my solicitor to send on?My solicitor said she needs the wedding wallet as it has to be destroyed.Is the process:1. My solicitor gets the wedding wallet and prepares an Apostille2. Hubby then takes the Apostille to his chosen solicitor in Turkey or maybe my solicitor sends it to his Turkish solicitor?3. The Turkish solicitor sends it to courtOr ........ have I lost the plot totally?What is the length of time from Turkish solicitor to court and divorce?Thank you in advance.CAB
  2. Thanks, maybe it is the same, ours was dried but will ask hubby.Will check out dried thyme too.I though someone on here might be able to help!
  3. HiDoes anyone know if we should add any photos to my hubby's ILR application eg bbq's with friends, xmas with my family etc????Should we also send photocopies of documents or is that just adding to the cost of posting and filling up the UKBA office with unneccessary paperwork?The application form doesn't ask for photos or p'copies but with the visa standing at
  4. HiWe decided to hand our documents and cash into the Worldbridge office in Istanbul.Our Turkish friend advised we should do this to cut out the middle man (a sub-office) as it were as Istanbul make the final decision and it saves time.We made an appointment online.Made the 13.5hrs coach trip to Istanbul during our late honeymoon.We both went through the security at Worldbridge.Our application form was checked at a counter.We waited 5 mins to be seen at a counter where we were asked for certain documents and then took our extra documents (3kgs of my 5kgs hand luggage all neatly filed and marked!!!).We then went straight to another counter to pay our
  5. Whilst visiting London recently we called into a Turkish supermarket where my Turkish hubby bought some tall dried 'weeds'. His Turkish friend has told him its 'Mountain Tea' (plants collected in the mountains hence the name).Does anyone know what the weed/herb might be please?Its about 2ft high. Buff coloured (whole plant) and has small, tightly closed, pea-size flowers going up the main stem. Quite smelly when boiled and produces a yellowy green 'tea'.Not exactly my cup of tea (no pun intended) but hubby loves it. Mind you he's addicted to salgam .... need I say anymore?!CAS
  6. Thanks Abi.I have had a response that we can apply any time between May (entry date) and August (visa end date) so long as it isn't earlier than 28 days before the entry date.In which case we are flapping unnecessarily to get the application done before May's entry date as we can apply right up to August.Hopefully I've got the right end of the stick now.
  7. We made our application in Ankara and married in Adana just over 2 yrs ago.Huby is now here on a 2yr spouse visa.It was never suggested that I have a medical or a blood test however, hubby has just informed me (!) that all Turks have to undergo a blood test before they marry anyone.You learn something new every day ...Congratulations on your wedding.
  8. Having taken passport photos (Morrisons photo booth) down to the Turkish Consulate, London for hubby's new passport we ended up having to have more taken in their photo booth.British passport photos are now grey background BUT the TC will only accept the old style white background.Having already paid the increased price of photos (
  9. I am losing the will to live having been given conflicting advice on which date to use on hubby's 2yrs spouse visa. We plan to apply 28 days before the date on visa BUT ... there are 3 dates on his visaVisa granted early MayEntry date end MayVisa End AugustWe have been told to go by the Entry date (apply April) and by someone else the Visa End date (apply July).Which date is the relevant one please???Many thanks in advance
  10. I took all the advice from the lovely helpful people on this site and spent hours shuffling paperwork ...I included a sheet with photos of the house inside and out and was advised to write the room sizes under the room photo. I enclosed an Excel spreadsheet with incoming and outgoings on. Also included wedding cards, wedding photos including photos of our wedding video which I had taken stills from and photos of me with in-laws.As for keeping in contact, I contacted my mobile phone supplier and paid
  11. Eight weeks waiting for an Indefinite?!I presume the application was made to London?Looks like we will have to bombard them with evidence like we did for his spouse visa - 3kgs of the stuff but it did get him a visa in 8 working days.Better start shuffling some paperwork .... LOL ....Hope it all went well.
  12. HiNot sure that this is the right part of the forum to post this but ......We are hoping to holiday in Greece shortly. My husband is here on a 2yr spouse visa.Will he need a visa to enter Greece or is he exempt please? Happy bank holidayCAS
  13. Congratulations!We applied for my husband's 2yrs spouse visa in April - it took only 8 days for them to decide yes!!!!!!He has now been here in the UK for 6wks - the culture shock has been awful for him ... and me. Its not just the traveller that gets it - the spouse suffers too ... you do your best to settle them in, taking them to meet new family and friends, seeing the sights, cosy nights at home ... at the same risking that you are suffocating them .....I do not know how the authorities come to a decision, we had so much against us I did not think we would succeed with the application: I am nearly 15yrs older than hubby, no house, no real savings, only met in Sept last year and married end of December. I have a full-time job.We sent photos of me with his family, wedding cards and photos, photos of us together, my monthly budget sheet, his story of how we met etc (basically our love storyin his words).I think the thing is to cover all bases. Its a case of dont just answer 'yes' give proof whether in photo form, spreadsheet if money related, make sure everything is filed neatly, you can never give to much info. We sent nearly 1000 e-mails in around 6mths, I did screen prints of my mail box showing all the e-mails - 2 prints per A4 page and put those in as proof we kept in touch, my flight confirmation e-mails ..... the possibilities are endless.I hope all this helps .. if you want more info please PM me.Very best wishesCAB
  14. HiWell, its 22:05 here, 24:05 in Turkey and poor hubby is on his 13.1/2 coach ride to Worldbridge, Istanbul.He's been chatting to friends who have told him about 'the interview'.I have told him he is ***NOT*** having an interview.Worldbridge told him to "collect your passport".He asked them about making an appointment to collect it but they said to just turn up.I have explained they are busy people and if they were going to interview him they would have told him and allocated a date/time for him.I've had one text from him tonight asking for the date we met and when we married.He's asking me!!!!!!! He's the one that reminds me of those dates as he says they are ones he will never forget!Bless, he's obviously stressed and can't think straight.He says he's ecstatic, I will be ecstatic/hysterical when he phones to give me a yes or no .....He says he will be there about 8am TT. If the office opens 9am TT then I will expect a phone call around 9:15 TT at the latest. Now it shouldn't take 15 mins to walk in, get screened, collect your paperwork and passport and walk out but I will be sat in my dressing gown at 7:15am waiting for the phone to ring.I feel sick thinking about it all .... or maybe that is the 2 choc digestives and 4 plain that I have just eaten ... stress eating ..... there's a bottle of port, a bottle of sherry, 2 bottles on wine and 3 bottles of champagne on the cellar head. Maybe I'll stick with the biccies ......... I would hate to overlay in the morning - EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!Sorry for woffling ... computing upstairs stops me hitting the biscuit barrel downstairs ... again!Ho hum ... g'night all.........Carol
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