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  1. Hi Lauraglad to be of help and thanks for the email address, we will contact them for help, with finishing transfer and other issues we have with DDG.don't know whether Jo will get answers from the website but i hope she does. The only prob is that in order to join the website, the admin & co insist you put your apart number at the end of your name (therefore you can't be anonymous), they say its to ensure eveyone is an owner (i'd say its to make sure there is no one taking notes on resident treatment lol).Sharon
  2. Hi Myfanwy or lozengelegenddo you have an email address for Ahmet, as we are looking for a new solicitor since Karma Legal closed, and would like to go with a recommended solicitorThank Sharon
  3. Hi Jo I also own an appartment on Golden beach complex (K8). Just thought i'd let you know that the complex is up and running, i've holidayed myself twice this year. There are still a lot of problems and these are taken up via meeting and email communication via the complexes own website. The owners live on site so if you visit you would be able to speak to them in person. The complex owners also ask that all appartment owners join the website. The website that all owners are being asked to join to put forward their views etc. One of the site owners (tashin) goes on the site so i'm sure you ca
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