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  1. Just to update everyone, Ahmet Sipahioglu is still working hard for,and with, his British clients and is having many successful outcomes - both with regards to TAPU/Habitation Certificate problems as well as Wills and Turkish Probate matters. He can be contacted via [email protected] - or via his website www.didimlegalservices.co.uk - have a look and see what you think - all feedback on the website would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Once you have a TAPU, you can apply for services in your own name. Below I provide a "potted version" of my understanding of a Habitation Certificate -Habitation Certificate (Iskan Belgesi) example (the following must not be construed as legal advice
  3. Hello KazThis is a very simple procedure for a lawyer specialising in land/property law. To avoid you both coming to Turkey to deal with the matter, you could give a lawyer Power of Attorney - one of you will say you want to sell to XXXX and the other will say you want to buy from XXX. These can be drafted and emailed to you. You execute them in the UK and then they are returned to your Turkish lawyer to have them translated into Turkish and notarised. He can then deal with the matter for you. I would say you definitely need a Turkish lawyer to act for you.The purchasing partner wi
  4. For anyone needing INDEPENDENT legal advice in the Didim area, please email [email protected] for totally unbiased and helpful advice on this, and any other, legal matters.
  5. Ahmet Sipahgiolu is an excellent English speaking lawyer in Altinkum. He has lived in Didim for over 20 years. He is very professional and provides an excellent client service. He deals with all legal aspects. Please feel free to contact him on [email protected]
  6. HelloWhilst there may be some truth in what the ex-pats say, I can assure you that Ahmet Sipahioglu is NOT in league with any estate agents or builders. He is affiliated to the British Consulate and as such, must remain unbiased and impartial. As an ex-British lawyer now residing in Didim, if I had to recommend anyone, it would be him merely because of his professionalism and impartiality in this town.
  7. Ahmet Sipahioglu's email address is [email protected] We aim to respond to you within 24 hours. Look forward to hearing from you allDebbie
  8. Hi DavebI am a retired British lawyer residing in Altinkum. I would certainly recommend Ahmet Sipahioglu. He speaks excellent English and is affiliated to the British Consulate. You can call to his office any afternoon after 2pm (he is usually in Court in the mornings). Directions to office - down Ataturk Boulevard to beach gates. At roundabout, turn left and travel about 500m. You will pass Big Nose Bar on the left, Turan Hotel. Then on your right you will see Sancar Kardia Hotel with Bim underneath it and a car wash. Immediately after these, turn right and the lawyer's office i
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