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  1. Today, 2 british navy ships arrived in town and are apparently staying for 5 days. It's a nice start to the season for the local businesses.
  2. Chala you can have your civil ceremony whereever you want; it doesn't have to be in the Belediye building.
  3. Hi Northernlass.... Kangalkid is correct. If you come to Turkey with your Cert of Non-Impediment you can arrange your wedding in 2 days.
  4. From what I've read on numerous forums, only the person/persons named as owners on the car ruhsat are allowed to drive an M reg car....unlike a normal turkish reg which anyone can drive. Hi Sunny, hope you don't mind me asking but why do you have an M reg car if your husband is turkish?
  5. When we got married my husband insisted that any children we had would be brought up muslim. Although I was brought up a presbyterian and sent to Sunday School every week until the age of 11, I never went to church or followed my religion after that age, so I didn't mind that my husband wanted this. Until our sons were 5 & 8 they lived in Belfast and the only thing they did different to other kids was they didn't eat pork. At school they got chicken nuggests when the other kids got sausages but they still learned the same things in RE class. Now that we've been in Turkey for the past 6 years they're more aware of what religion they are. If they decide to change their religion or, like me, be Agnostic then that's entirely up to them. My husband has just finished his month of Ramadan which he does every year but he rarely goes to the mosque for the other 11 months, so isn't what I'd call a religious man.
  6. There will be paperwork that need your signature so you would either have to go to Turkey yourself or appoint a lawyer as your Power Of Attorney.
  7. Yes I agree...definitely wise words from Kangalkid and Sirin. Men in Turkey have had "bad press" for the past few years, especially in women's magazines such as Take A Break, Real Life etc. Almost every week they feature a story about a woman who has been conned by a turkish man in some way or other, and unfortunately turkish men no longer have a good reputation. In all fairness, these men cannot be blamed 100% as there are some stupid women out there who think nothing of getting involved with a man (who is sometimes more than 20 years their junior), giving him money, clothes, a visa etc; then when the **** hits the fan they're up in arms, contacting the magazines and getting their story published. Yes these men are at fault too but a lot of the women have to accept some of that blame as well. Hanging around the neck of a half-naked 20 year old bar boy, when you're old enough to be his mother, isn't good foundations for a successful relationship. The horrors I see in Kusadasi would fill a whole edition of Take A Break; you can't help but cringe. It's nice to see on this forum that there are some women who've "found a good one" as the cliche goes...proves that not all turks are money-grabbing, visa seeking ********. I've been with my husband for 20 years and we've been married for 18 of those. Finger's crossed, we'll last another 20 years.
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