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  1. There is plenty to do in Marmaris, boat trips, local tours and more. By the time you go, quite a few shops will have started to close down, as the season ends around the 30th October. But a very good time to get some good bargains.The weather during the day should be warm enough for shorts and t-shirt, but a cardi / fleece for the evenings is needed.Hope you enjoy your holiday.Where are you staying??
  2. Hi DannyNice to hear from you again.How is the job going?? Not getting too much hassle from the tourists!!I've been back from my hols for 2 weeks now and can't wait for October, when I'll be over again.When you get a chance, let us all know how you're getting on.
  3. Thanks for replies and am much better now.Sunny: The road between Mugla and Fethiye is very good. A few years ago they widened the Mugla mountain road to dual carriageway, don't forget the camera and stop at the top to take a few pics of the fantastic views. On a good day you can see the lake at Koycegiz about 40 kms away. The road from the bottom again is dual carriage most of the way to Toparlar, but road works are ongoing at present, then from there to just past Dalaman, it's back to the normal road. You'll need 2.5tl to get through the Gocek Tunnel which takes about 15 minutes off the jour
  4. Just got back from having an event filled 2 week holiday/business in Marmaris. Most of the time the weather was perfect but had a few days of it being overcast but still warm.Went to the Tapu office to get the new tapu for the flat purchased last year and the offical was trying to say it wasn't back, after finding the right folder, all went well except had to go back after the weekend to collect it as the offical that signs the tapus was away that day! Once the Tapu was handed over, it was off to register for the local tax, that was quite funny as the first lady mis-spelt my partners name,and
  5. Hi JennaTry Icmeler, which is close to Marmaris, it's a quieter resort and not loud!! And also very nice, lots of bars and restaurants to choose from and a decent beach. May would be a good month to go, good weather without being too hot.For travel agents, try Thompson, First Choice etc. Just Google " Package Holiday Turkey" and all the main companies will show.Hope this helps you
  6. Hi Amanda I would definately not complete without the Tapu in place, i.e. back from the Military checks. To be able to complete, you have to go to the Tapu office, with a translater, to sign in person, and then the Tapu is stamped. I have not known of anyone being able to complete without a Tapu, in their name, of course. I'm sure others on the forum will correct me, if I'm wrong.
  7. Thanks for the input.Been in touch with tenant and he is trying to raise the back rental payments.
  8. Can anyone help me here please.I have a tenant in a flat that hasn't paid any rent for a few months now. Despite phone calls and texts, the tenant has done nothing.Does anyone know the process on how to start an eviction. Thanks
  9. Hi DannyMozzies can be a bit of a problem at first,until you've been there a while, so take a decent repellent with you, but they are readily avaiable in all supermarket. The local council goes around spraying repellent during the summer months to help with the problem. If you like "branded" name toiletries, then take some with you as these are more expensive than in Turkey.As most Reps wear shorts and t-shirts for work, you'll be at least semi-covered and you'll soon get a nice tan.Can you say which tour company you'll be working for?
  10. Hi DannyAs Dalaman isn't a main tourist area, I should imagine that you will be based in Marmaris, as you wrote, your times in Dalaman would be doing the coach transfer to and from the Airport, I should think.I'm sure you'll get all the info you need and a few basic Turkish words when you arrive with the other reps, some I have seen coming back over the years.Sunny and Ben Densin have covered all the topics I would have mentioned.Enjoy yourself
  11. Penny


    Thanks for the replies, it's as I thought, 3% of value of the property.I can now agree the point with the emlak as he will be finding that I'm paying what it should be in lira and not sterling.Thanks for the help
  12. Penny


    I totally agree that the attitude of Voldemor was uncalled for.Sunny: Don't take it to heart too much, your helpfulness is appreciated by the usual forum users. I presume I can speak for them!!
  13. Penny


    Can anyone give me a rough idea on the Tapu price to pay, once the Tapu comes back from Izmir. I've had an e-mail from my emlak quoting a price in Sterling when the same amount was quoted last year in lira!! Makes a vast difference. This is for Marmaris not Dalaman.The emlak is actually an honest guy, but gets his brother in law to write e-mails as his written english isn't very good. Just wondered if that was a genuine slip up, or he (brother in law) is trying to take advantage.Any answers appreciated.
  14. HiI've had clearance and the Tapu is waiting at the Tapu office to be signed into my name.I've since found out that if I give our agent "a power of attorney" then this can be resolved within a few hours, and I don't have to wait around.Thanks
  15. I've just had an e-mail from my estate agent saying that I will most probably need two days free for the signing for the Tapu. She said it's not an easy process now?? It seems the Tapu office in Dalaman do appointments only, yet in Marmaris it's a free for all style.This seems a bit strange to me, as the last time I went through this procedure, albeit a few years ago, I had it all done within a few hours. Can anyone advise me on this?
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