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  1. Hi JennaTry Icmeler, which is close to Marmaris, it's a quieter resort and not loud!! And also very nice, lots of bars and restaurants to choose from and a decent beach. May would be a good month to go, good weather without being too hot. For travel agents, try Thompson, First Choice etc. Just Google " Package Holiday Turkey" and all the main companies will show. Hope this helps you
  2. Hi DannyMozzies can be a bit of a problem at first,until you've been there a while, so take a decent repellent with you, but they are readily avaiable in all supermarket. The local council goes around spraying repellent during the summer months to help with the problem. If you like "branded" name toiletries, then take some with you as these are more expensive than in Turkey. As most Reps wear shorts and t-shirts for work, you'll be at least semi-covered and you'll soon get a nice tan. Can you say which tour company you'll be working for?
  3. Hi DannyAs Dalaman isn't a main tourist area, I should imagine that you will be based in Marmaris, as you wrote, your times in Dalaman would be doing the coach transfer to and from the Airport, I should think. I'm sure you'll get all the info you need and a few basic Turkish words when you arrive with the other reps, some I have seen coming back over the years. Sunny and Ben Densin have covered all the topics I would have mentioned. Enjoy yourself
  4. Penny


    I totally agree that the attitude of Voldemor was uncalled for. Sunny: Don't take it to heart too much, your helpfulness is appreciated by the usual forum users. I presume I can speak for them!!
  5. Welcome Happybunny and family to the forum. I hope that you all enjoy your new life in Turkey
  6. Penny

    Bus To Dalaman Airport

    Hi JamesYou should be able to get a coach that travels towards Fethiye / Antalya. They stop at Dalaman coach station, but no coaches go to the airport. You'd have to get a taxi to the airport which costs around 30 lira and takes about 5 minutes. The taxi rank is 300 metres from the coach stop. Hope this helps you.
  7. Ramadan with the Ottomans Saturday, September 29, 2007From sundown to sunup, one enjoyed meals with families and close friends. Night began when you could no longer distinguish a white thread from a black one; the opposite was true in the morningG
  8. I'd get in touch with the owners and get the lift, it will make it easier for you, than finding your own way or getting a taxi. They maybe collecting other people off the same flight as well.
  9. I found this article in a newspaper and just had to share it with you all! Driving in Turkey is a big adventure!
  10. Hi HussainIf you look under the forum "Ankara", you'll find posts written by Jackie ( jackieeuk) on the process of a Uk resident marrying a Turk in Turkey. She followed my posts on the paperwork needed and had help in Turkey from her then future husband, and only had a few hiccups. If it's possible for you to print out the infomation, I'm sure you'll find out exactly what you need in the way of paperwork.
  11. Happy Birthday Penny. Hope you've had a good day.

  12. Penny

    Dalaman Info Please

    Hi BlanchyThe Begonville is behind Akbank beyond the park and coach station, it's very tranquil despite being so close to the main road. The Opet is the first garage you come to after leaving the Airport, so a bit out of town unless you live nearby or have transport. The Aries bar is on the road running parallel to the main high street, if you take a right turn just beyond Yedas supermarket, next to it is a new coffee bar selling Latte's and other continental style coffees and teas. The Evet bar is used by some expats but has a big turkish clientele. That's down the road opposite the main square exit to the high street. There are also a number of nice places to eat, and you'll find them under the subforum " Places to Visit"
  13. Penny

    Dalaman Info Please

    Hi BlanchyI've put a few in the second post on this link for all to see.
  14. Penny

    Banks In Dalaman

    Hi KesbanI paid my electric first by going into a bank myself, then arranged direct debit. The water bill I had to pay separately, about a week after getting the bill. They print when you can pay at the bottom! As the nearest Tedas is in Ortaca, it was the easiest way to pay. I also had my internet and telephone paid by direct debit as well.
  15. Penny

    Banks In Dalaman

    Hi KesbanI use Akbank in Dalaman in the main square, where you will find english speaking staff and are very helpful. The Yapi Kredi near the green palm tree, might have an english speaker as I know her brother speaks the language. The advantage of Akbank, is that the queues are always short compared with Zirak further along the road! I don't know about the other banks as I've not used them.
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