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  1. Hey Ken, Thank you for your valuable suggestion. I am not letting my guard down ever. I understand things can be quite complicated online. I had already made up my mind not to date anyone I meet online and I had made it clear with that man too. He is mature enough to understand the same. As you already know, Turkish people are quite hospitable and have their own charm so I was just smitten for a while. I am glad to be only his friend and will always put my gut feeling before my heart. As for the money part, he knows I am just a student and he is mostly interested in sending me things (gifts and all) rather than asking for it. Still, if he ever asks for it, I will follow your advice and not get carried over. Thanks. Discussing this really helped.
  2. Hey Meral, Thank you for the reply. He didn't ask for marriage on his own. I asked him about his future plans so to assure me that he sees a future with me he told that he is not interested in casual dating and plans to marry. For the video call, I do agree with you but now it is not possible as I told you he is in a military school so the environment is very strict so I can't even tell him to do that. As you said, I am not taking it that serious too so I am trying to keep myself away till I am actually sure. I have already told him that I won't date him though he wants to wait. I am just worried as I get attached very easily so I want to make sure that he is not just killing his time with me. Is there any other way or any question which I can ask him to see his true intention?
  3. Hello Everyone, I became friends with a Turkish man online. Actually, it was through a language exchange app. We both are students. He is 3 years younger than me. He is currently studying in a military school. Fast forward - Within a few days of talking he confessed of having feelings for me.(We were not able to talk for 2-3 days so he realised it at that time) I told him that he might be infatuated but he said that it was love and he thinks of marrying me in the near future. (I still don't take it seriously) He said that he has talked about me to his sister too. It has been just 1 month but I really like talking to him. Recently he was not able to contact me so I became really worried and now it feels like, if I keep talking to him then I might fall for him. It is emotionally draining as we have never met. I have so much of trust issues and this is the reason that I have not yet given my number to him. (He asked me once but when I refused he didn't insist on it) I wanted to stop talking to him when I realised that I am getting attached (It is hard for me) but he insisted on staying as he loved me and all. I know he is not a scam as he had sent me pictures from his school so atleast I know that his information is genuine. The only thing is that he doesn't use any social media so I get more trust issues.(He said that he doesn't like using it for some reason) All I want to know is, What should I ask him to do to make me believe me? I am not good at dating. I get attached to people easily. I have read so many stories on how some Turkish men just flirt with foreign women and how good they are at talking ( I am from a third world country so the question of Visa doesn't stand here)
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