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  1. Something else for you to do before you meet him again is to do some research into Turkish culture - how Turkish women lead their lives here, as everything looks good when you're on holiday but is very different on a day to day basis. A lot could depend on where he's from, from the western side or from the east, a big city or a small village. The culture and lives and attitudes of people vary widely. If you came to live here you probably wouldn't be able to work legally and would be dependent on someone to keep you, who is likely to already be keeping his family if he's from a poor area (and is likely to continue supporting them even if he marries) and the work your friend does is seasonal and dependent on the tourist industry which isn't looking too healthy at the moment and the foreseeable future isn't looking too good either. There is also the possibility, as Turks tend to get married young, that , if he's over twenty, that he's already married, possibly with a family and yes, girlfriends have been taken along to meet the parents and the wife passed off as a sister as they see it as a chance to get financial help.
  2. It's the 735 that goes to Balikliova. Unfortunately it doesn't run often. There's a regular bus 725 from Fahrettin Altay (Cesme otogar) to Urla where there may be busses or dolmus to Mordogan. http://www.eshot.gov.tr/HareketSaatleri.aspx? TIP=Ilceler&HatNo=9
  3. The bus goes from the Cesme otogar in Uckuyular/ Fahrettin Altay. I don't know the schedule but I think it's once an hour at most and it goes along the old Izmir - Cesme road, not on the motorway.
  4. You obviously have doubts as you've come here for advice. In my opinion he's just using you as entertainment. He's 45 for goodness sake. You've not mentioned a wife. It would be MOST unusual for a Turkish man to be single and childless at that age. I don't know what stories he's told you but I'd also question him having an Indian mother knowing how little Turks travel, their attitude to foreigners,especially 50 years ago and their closeness to their families and adherence to family opinion. Just be careful and as someone else said, do some checking online.
  5. I really do not understand how people can be so cruel. Sorry to hear about your dog scooby.
  6. baykus


    Welcome to the forum. There is lots of good advice on getting married if you look in the marriage forum.
  7. No matter how long you live here even though you speak Turkish well nothing is the same as being able to talk to your own countrymen. The difference in culture makes it very difficult to feel the same. For example to your British friends (and I mean friends not aquaintences)you can joke and be, to other listeners, rude. Brits will understand this but as Turkish culture is more polite they can't understand your 'joking'.
  8. I agree with you cukur, I find that I can remember the Turkish word but have forgotten the English one.
  9. I'm sorry Benh but I didn't think you would have expected a reply as it was just a disclaimer about being a troll and seeing as it was all in jest I thought that was the end of it.
  10. Benh are you ever going to stop going on about your dislike of TEFL teaching in Istanbul? You sound like a record stuck in the groove! I think EVERYONE has got the message so please give it a rest.
  11. It sounds as if it is worth visiting.
  12. baykus

    I'm New

    Welcome to the forum. I am afraid that I can't help you as I live a long way from that area.
  13. Is there an alternative to the bacon grease, like butter?
  14. baykus


    my bank account is nearly empty here too! Time I went back to Istanbul! Why do you want to go back to Istanbul? you do nothing but moan about the noise there and go on about how everything is more expensive and poorer quality than England and you can't get a job so if you feel like that about the place going back seems rather pointless you would be better staying in England
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