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  1. Something else for you to do before you meet him again is to do some research into Turkish culture - how Turkish women lead their lives here, as everything looks good when you're on holiday but is very different on a day to day basis. A lot could depend on where he's from, from the western side or from the east, a big city or a small village. The culture and lives and attitudes of people vary widely. If you came to live here you probably wouldn't be able to work legally and would be dependent on someone to keep you, who is likely to already be keeping his family if he's from a poor area (
  2. It's the 735 that goes to Balikliova. Unfortunately it doesn't run often. There's a regular bus 725 from Fahrettin Altay (Cesme otogar) to Urla where there may be busses or dolmus to Mordogan. http://www.eshot.gov.tr/HareketSaatleri.aspx?TIP=Ilceler&HatNo=9
  3. The bus goes from the Cesme otogar in Uckuyular/ Fahrettin Altay. I don't know the schedule but I think it's once an hour at most and it goes along the old Izmir - Cesme road, not on the motorway.
  4. You obviously have doubts as you've come here for advice. In my opinion he's just using you as entertainment. He's 45 for goodness sake. You've not mentioned a wife. It would be MOST unusual for a Turkish man to be single and childless at that age. I don't know what stories he's told you but I'd also question him having an Indian mother knowing how little Turks travel, their attitude to foreigners,especially 50 years ago and their closeness to their families and adherence to family opinion.Just be careful and as someone else said, do some checking online.
  5. ..... "keep your non muslim ideas in your head or else"What will you do to your 'friends', use water canon or gas grenades? I expect your friends were peaceful people too, like the demonstrators who didn't agree with RTE's ideas.If someone in Australia doesn't agree with your PM and writes in the newspapers criticising him or her, do they get sent to prison indefinitely while awaiting trial? Do doctors get prosecuted for tending peaceful protestors injuries? Do people get attacked by the police while peacefully protesting over there?I think that you should read this thread before condemning yo
  6. I think the best people to get answers for your specific case would be the companies that deal with blue plate and diplomatic plate cars. If you Google blue plate you will find them.
  7. If you read the posts Turko, most people thought Izmir would be a better place to be in summer and that didn't preclude visits to other places including Istanbul but the choice was taken from Paks by her organisation.
  8. A lot of us expat pensioners who live here have a much better quality of life than if we lived in the UK.
  9. Even if the family are fasting it is unlikely that they would wake a guest at 'silly o'clock', they would simply prepare a separate breakfast for him/her. Why walk on eggshells, I've never experienced having to do this all the time I've lived in Turkey even towards evening when people are feeling the strain of fasting. Anyway s/he will be out at her course all day or probably sightseeing with her course friends. I personally think Aston is making too much of this and you certainly don't want to be in Istanbul in august if you can help it as it's pretty hot.
  10. That's not a very nice thing to say Aston. I've never noticed Ramazan not being a nice time to be with Turkish families. Have you had a bad experience to give you that idea?
  11. That is the first time I have heard that Turkish an easy language to learn. Is it perhaps because you come from a Turkish background and you've heard a lot it spoken even if you don't speak it yourself? Turkey is no more beautiful that a lot of countries and as Aston says you should consider other alternatives as Turkish Universities are not regarded as the best worldwide, the highest regarded only makes the group 201-225 in the world. http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2012-13/world-ranking/region/asia
  12. It is surprising where the time goes. Have a great time when you come over in August. Will you get time to visit Pamukkale when in Denizli, It's worth a visit?
  13. At the moment if they are below a certain level they can apply for pension credit and then get extra money and don't have to pay for the dentist, glasses and get reduction in their council tax, but not everyone applies for it as they see it as charity so are too proud to ask.
  14. If you go right to the top of the page, there is a black bar and an option for English.
  15. It is an entrance exam for the university http://yos.istanbul.edu.tr/en/
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