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  1. I believe you guys are right. He do have my contact information. He must have contacted me by now. You guys are right he must have cut me off... And it's right I should move on. But thanks guys for enlightening me.
  2. No, I don't know. I just know he works in Turkey military as a dentist. If anyone can help me with the email address of the doctoral department of Turkish military it will be helpful.
  3. Hi, I was talking to this person who works in Turkish military as a doctor. We use to chat daily via his number. But now from last 7 days he didn't came online and now his number is been used by someone else. His dp from whatsapp has been changed. It's been a month we were talking to each other and due to time boundation I was unable to take his Facebook or Instagram handle. Now I don't know how to contact him. Kindly help how can I reach him. I don't have any of his family members number. Is there anyway out I can reach out to the doctoral department of Turkish military via email. So that I can atleast know about his whereabouts. Please help
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