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    Where to turn?

    Many thanks for your reply. I didn't make myself clear enough and my post was somewhat emotional . For that I apologize. To clarify. I left Turkey 12 years ago. I cannot let him have my address or details due to threats, and I am reluctant to give them to any one in Turkey. There are no properties or money to fight over as he took everything and as far as I know has spent and lost everything . I would like someone to do the divorce on my behalf with him having no contact or knowledge of my whereabouts. I am not interested in what he stole form me, I just want to be free of him.
  2. lucyloo

    Where to turn?

    I hope I can get advice on this as it is making me ill. After living in Turkey for many years and being married for 8 of those I left Turkey after threats of death. I left behind my assets and came home penniless and traumatized. My husband was Turkish and although I blocked him on all media he found me and sent threatening mail for years. Sometimes wanting me back and sometimes with threats to kill me. He had a drug and alcohol problem which I tried hard to help with throughout our marriage. He never worked and I worked sometimes 18 hour days to build up our life. I tried to move on with my life , but it has been hard psychologically. I contacted the registry office here for them to tell me there is no record of my marriage so I am free to marry here. I don't want to but I needed to know. My husband is now bombarding me with threats that he needs to see me in court for a divorce and take everything I own. I have found out that he had many credit cards in my name and left debts everywhere. He told everyone I left with all of the money and now wants it back. I cant tell you how much he stole from me but it was my life savings, my house sale and daughters inheritance. I want to be free of him and maybe step back in to the country I loved and left without fear of some sort of retribution. I read that he can divorce me as I ''deserted '' him without my input. Is this true? However I feel he wont do this as he appears to believe I will have even more money and he wants it. The truth is , I own nothing, I work hard for little money and rent. I want to be free of him. Please help me someone.
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