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  1. Super strategy on using Google to find the neighborhoods I would be interested in living. I did just that search and found 'neighborhoods' and townships east of Alanya. Funny think is; what Sahbinden calls neighborhoods the Google maps calls a town or village. Anyways, good finds: Kestel, Demirtas, Tosmur, Mahmutler. Maybe you can clear-up a little quirk with Sahbinden. In Real Estate/Housing/For Rent are subcategories for Apartment, Residence, Detached House, Villa, etc. So what is a "Residence" if not an apartment, detached house or villa? Just curious if you might know. I tried finding the Viking Restaurant the way you said. Honestly, Google wasn't any help. Oba Gölü means nothing to Google maps. There was a Viking restaurant but it is close to the beach, not a lake. I'm sure I will find the expat hangout eventually. Thank you much for your guidance Ken. Aloha, Will
  2. Thank you Ken. I have also seen reference to 'Migro Jet' on Google maps of turkish cities; which I assume is a small 7-11 type quickie in-and-out convenience store. Thank you for explaining the other variations of Migos stores I had seen in YT videos and had me scratching my head initially. Will
  3. Thank you Ken. Yes, I've been perusing www.sahibinden.com to get a feel for what my pension will afford me. Looking at 5,000 TL tops for rent. I am in no immediate rush; just counting down my time to be eligible to start collecting my pension from my State job next July. Right now I am in my research phase; taking notes and bookmarking online pages for reference. I was thinking as you said that a late fall move around next Sept/Oct. would be the best time to negotiate a 1-year rental. I will need to make a quick local friend or two to help me with the translation/language barrier for dealing with folks on sahibinden.com. Thank you for the tip about the VIking in Oba. Will certainly follow-up on meeting other expats. From what I've learned about Alanya from articles and YT videos is the fact it is much smaller and has more of a local Turkish vibe than Antalya. I have lived in Honolulu for over 30 years so I am used to a touristy city but will probably find a place to live in the eastern part of Alanya just off the beaten path. Looked at Gazipasa to the east but it is an agricultural community and way too quiet for me. And east of there seems to be more of the same agricultural/farming communities until Mersin. Mersin seems too big an industrial/commercial area for my liking. Mind you- this is all just me doing research and getting my info online. But the overall consensus is that Turkey and Alanya is a great place to visit as well as to put down roots. And Hawaii is very multicultural, including the locals, so I can deal with multicultural environments; and my wife is from Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English. My first plan for retirement years ago was to live in Ukraine but since then Russia occupies Crimea and part of Ukraine proper, I don't feel it is safe. My wife's city is Kherson, only 60 miles from Crimea. And at that time I didn't know anything about Turkey and now that I do I can picture it as the best retirement option. So my wife Lana and I have talked it over and Alanya is going to be our new home. Retirement from my State job can't come soon enough. Thank you for all your contributions to Turkey Central Ken. It is truly a gold-mine of knowledge about Turkey. Aloha, Will & Lana
  4. Thank you very much Ken for a very precise and clear answer on airbnb. I don't want to do anything to mess-up my retirement plans in Turkey. Aloha! Will
  5. Maybe I should try to rent this airbnb for 1-year and get some kind of contract airbnb can provide as part of my residency documentation? Will
  6. Howdy, I've found a SuperHost apartment on the east end of Alanya that checks all my boxes and it has an awesome unobstructed panoramic sea view. But it has a 180-day minimum stay. Is that going to gum-up my strategy for my wife and I as renters to getting the short term residency and finally the long-term residency? The idea is not to have to leave the country and come back because our Visa expires and I do not have the prerequisite 1-year lease contract by the time my wife and I have our immigration appointment. Maybe much ado about nothing but need to be sure. Thank you much, Will & Lana
  7. Thank you Ken for this Turkish language course insight. However, on the website I cannot function since it is only in Turkish and I cannot figure out How to buy the book from the buy book link. I guess they don't take PayPal.
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