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  1. Thanks for the input. Looks like the plan is to have someone send the packages after I arrive.
  2. Are there private mail services where I can open an account online? But instead of letters I want to ship packages to myself prior to arriving in Turkey. I know the shipping is very expensive but if I want to keep personal belongings with sentimental value and not haul it in a suitcase through the airlines, I wanted to ships a few small boxes prior to leaving Hawaii. The US used to have Mail Boxes Etc and they would receive packages. I know it is a long-shot but want to see if it is doable. Any ideas if I can make that work?
  3. Oh My God! I just remembered another saying that I and many Americans use that perhaps Turkish folks have a similar saying. It's a saying Americans use in just about any circumstance; Surprise, Shock, Wonder, Despair, Worry. It is a saying used almost unconsciously when no other words fit the moment. And i think this is particular to American culture although Canadians might use this saying on an almost daily basis like many Americans. Do Turks have a similar saying to Oh My God!
  4. Ok, so I wondered about what Turks use as common sayings or truisms. Example, in the US we say things like; The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree, You Get What You Pay For, When I Rains It Pours, etc. And some oldies but goodies like "Silence is Golden" or the Golden Rule; Do Unto Others As You Would Want Them to Do Unto You; taken from the Christian Bible I believe. I imagine Turks have some in common with what is used here and elsewhere but maybe some unique ones that come from the old Turkish culture of the Ottoman Empire or even before. Perhaps much of it is taken from the Koran. I am sure some relate to the culture of hospitality Turks are known for. Those would be especially interesting for me. Please provide English translation if you don't mind.
  5. Never really got a clear understanding of what the difference is between the terms Islam Muslim. Anybody care to set the record straight? I sense one refers to the culture and one refers to the religion? But perhaps there is some overlap.
  6. Wow didn't see that coming. I was thinking like Amazon.de in Germany for supplements. I thought the shipping from there wouldn't be too crazy compared to the US or UK. I did find what looks like a new Amazon in Turkey, not a lot available yet: https://www.amazon.com.tr/ But I did find Hawaiian Spirulina tablets, amazing enough. And I thought I had seen a couple GNC stores in Istanbul in a couple Turkish YT videos and on Google maps but I think I read the GNC corporation itself went bankrupt.
  7. Dental tape is more flat and wide than the floss. A little harder to find in US stores but I like it because it fits tightly spaced teeth better without shredding. Wow, I checked out the Eczane website and they are very comprehensive in their vitamin supplements. I see the 'Solgar' brand of vitamins found here in the US also. I did not see as many formulas; mostly single ingredients, but It's a good start. Maybe I can visit my local Eczane store and see if they can special order formulas that I like. And maybe compare that with if it is cheaper with shipping to order from Amazon. On the front webpage of https://www.yenialanya.com/ I see they post the pharmacy 'on duty' that night by the Alanya Chamber of Pharmacists. Very Smart!
  8. Thanks Folks. I agree with the idea of not wasting resources; food, water and other resources of Nature. We are reaching the tipping point of either too many people on the planet and/or not enough resources for everybody who needs it. Thank you Ken for the food delivery website. Checked it out. Surprised at how much US franchise foods are available. Didn't expect to see so many. I will try to stick to Turkish food to order online. I want to try to benefit local businesses as much as I can.. Here in Hawaii we have a saying: Buy Local. But I understand the Franchisee maybe a Turkish person trying to run a small business to feed his/her family.
  9. Howdy, Read different cultures pros and cons in Google for asking to take home leftovers in restaurants. In US/Hawaii, it is a given that leftover food is taken home in what is called the 'doggy' or 'doggie' bag. Restaurants provide the packaging. In all the YT videos of meals in Turkish restaurants I've watched, I have not seen any reference to taking home leftovers. All that yummy food and not taking home the leftovers? Sacrilege I say. Are you kidding? Leave a half-eaten pizza behind when you can take the rest and have it tomorrow morning for an awesome breakfast? I understand cultures are different. Just wondering about Turkey. And yes, "I" will ask for the doggy back take-home in Turkey restaurants. I"m a big Foodie. I have no shame when it comes to wrapping a delicious meal not finished and taking it home. Aloha, Will
  10. Perhaps a silly question. When I was in Ukraine to court my then future wife; she had not idea what dental floss was or how to use it. Now she used it every day. Kind of makes me wonder if this is also the case in Turkey? Thank you much! Will
  11. Thank you. Look for extra fees. I was already thinking that a bicycle and taxis are the way to go. I've watched enough YT videos on Turkey to see residential street-parking can be a challenge. Don't see many of what we call parking-garage here in the US with multi-story parking lots for shopping centers, condo apartments, business office buildings.
  12. I do see the map displayed but the white box in the upper-left says the address is in Estonia. Viking Village Saulasaare tee, Saula, 75117 Harju maakond, Estonia That is a little more north of Alanya than I thought.
  13. Super strategy on using Google to find the neighborhoods I would be interested in living. I did just that search and found 'neighborhoods' and townships east of Alanya. Funny think is; what Sahbinden calls neighborhoods the Google maps calls a town or village. Anyways, good finds: Kestel, Demirtas, Tosmur, Mahmutler. Maybe you can clear-up a little quirk with Sahbinden. In Real Estate/Housing/For Rent are subcategories for Apartment, Residence, Detached House, Villa, etc. So what is a "Residence" if not an apartment, detached house or villa? Just curious if you might know. I tried finding the Viking Restaurant the way you said. Honestly, Google wasn't any help. Oba Gölü means nothing to Google maps. There was a Viking restaurant but it is close to the beach, not a lake. I'm sure I will find the expat hangout eventually. Thank you much for your guidance Ken. Aloha, Will
  14. Thank you Ken. I have also seen reference to 'Migro Jet' on Google maps of turkish cities; which I assume is a small 7-11 type quickie in-and-out convenience store. Thank you for explaining the other variations of Migos stores I had seen in YT videos and had me scratching my head initially. Will
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