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  1. Thank you for your help! This is wonderful news I am in your debt we both are
  2. so I'm sending a letter to my girlfriend from the US to Ankara for various personal reasons she cannot answer her phone right now and I do not know her address but i was thinking if i forward the mail to her university with her name and department on it they might either forward her the letter or call her to ask about it, i do really need to get this letter to her as for various reasons it may be a minor emergency and she may need some of the information therein aswell as the comfort of knowing that i still want to speak with her but i also don't want to write some just to have it thrown out, I've considered emailing the university and asking them if they're ok with it but i don't want this to reflect poorly on her in the state she's in, I'd gladly take any advice, recommendations or assistance this forum has to offer (Also i promise I'm not stalking her and have no intention of hurting her in any way, in fact the reason why i need to reach her so badly is to aid her in a potentially unhealthy situation, she needs a show of comfort and support that doesn't involve either me calling and messaging her regularly or me going to Ankara, this is probably the least intrusive way i could talk to her in this situation)
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