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  1. Update: Today my upstairs neighbor again blasted his bass system for 5 hours straight. I called the police for the first time. They met with him then come to my door that, "he says he doesn't do it, and if you have complaint go to blah blah office". He was very rude and his coworker asked me where I am from. P.S. If you want to buy house in Turkey, be careful. There are a lot of scammers here and we were scammed multiple times.
  2. You're right sir. You will never know what mess they have hidden in the old houses that you need to spend extra cash to fix it (they even do it in new units!). My apartment's director also told me that I can insulate our unit with around 10K (I may be wrong about the exact price), so you may also insulate your house for extra proof although it will take some extra space on the surfaces that you want to insulate. So sorry to hear about your experience. It's a shame that we are unwillingly packed with some jerks in shoe-box apartments. I never thought of silence to be such a blessing and I really miss living in an independent house. I wish you a peaceful life sir!
  3. Wow nice to know that you're still following this topic although 4 months has passed from it. I've found this relatively new post by searching noisy turkish neighbors in google and decided to share my experience. Yes if you are sensitive like me you'll most likely experience what I did. My only plan now is just to finish my Master's degree and escape somewhere else. I'm in a fight or flight mode right now. If you have the money, Mustakil Ev definitely worth it. You can also buy at the topest floor to have less exposure. If you are going to stay short-term you can also buy units from a newly built building at the outskirts of the city. Until it becomes full, you can have a relaxed stay for a few years like us. Please check the walls by punching them. Notice if their inside is empty or not and whether sound easily travels through them. In our case, the walls inside the bathroom and the middle wall separating the bedroom from the living room were hollow inside and if you hit them the booming sound could go several units further. This makes it harder to locate the source of sound as I couldn't prove where the impact sound definitely came from until our downstairs neighbor moved out. At the end of the day you should be lucky with the kind of people that are living around you. A child free couple that work and spend their time outside most of the time are usually the best kind of neighbors one can get. Even though I'm also a single young man, but single and young people are more likely to bring their friends and make lots of noise. With couples with children, the children can be a source of noise. But I don't know, maybe I'm just stereotyping based on my few anecdotes and maybe a child free couple can also be noisy and vice versa about the others. Most of the people rent the units so different kinds of people are constantly moving out and moving in. At any rate I hope you won't encounter the hell I lived sir.
  4. I've been an expat in Turkey for 7 years. My first bad experience with neighbors was in dormitory in the university. There was a Turkish guy who didn't bother to put on his headphones while listening to his traditional Turkish music and he talked loudly with his Russian girlfriend every night. People playing guitars at night was common. We bought a residence unit. At first it was extremely peaceful. I was naive to think that it was because of the good sound insulation of the building (dorms had paper thin walls). The fact was that we were among the first residents of the new far from town building and its surrounding was mostly empty. After several years, now we are surrounded by other buildings and our building is full of residents. If you are someone sensitive to noise like me it is a living hell, especially during covid lockdown. Every morning I wake up with pounding noises that is non-stop until my neighbors leave their houses. My downstairs neighbor literally hit something heavy to the wall (I imagine) early in the morning and evening making me to have panic attacks. This made me to go door to door to find the source of that impact sound (I didn't know at that time). He denied it. Until fortunately they moved out and the sound stopped. My next door neighbor often pulls chairs with a lot of noise. My upstairs neighbor is the worst. He doesn't work outside much. He is home most of the time making lots of pounding noises (to be fair I'm not sure if he makes all of those pounding noises but most of them are coming when he's home), God knows what he is doing out of his boredom! There is a repeating hitting sound that is driving me crazy. Sometimes he plays music for hours on his bass system. I get headache and my ears hurt. I have become so desperate that I go a long distance in this hot weather to university to study. People are talking in their balcony after midnight, dogs are barking (fun fact: you can't sue someone for pet noise here), you can hear bass music sound from cars and surrounding buildings even at night, a guy has a habit of leaving his old car's loud engine running while he's talking on his phone out of his car for a long time, children's screaming (this is the least of my problems!), etc. I grew up in an independent house and I hate living apartment life but I have to. You might ask if I have complained to the building director or not. Yes I have done it so many times. I have gotten two reactions: some of them think I'm overreacting and basically my neighbors have the right to do whatever they want because it is their house! Others say they can't do further than warning the neighbor and police will do the same. So basically I have to find a way to get used to it! To add to this, I'm living in an upper-class region of the city so I can't imagine how it is like to live in an average or bad neighborhoods! I came to conclude that, it is not that I have bad luck with my neighbors, but this is a cultural issue here. People can be wealthy, educated, and talk very civilized when you meet them (like my upstairs neighbor). But they don't seem to care about respecting their surrounding people's peace. You must be very lucky to have good neighbors because the walls here aren't going to save you from noise either. It has been 6 months that I'm living under constant stress and I'm counting days to finish my university and leave this place. Edit: I forgot to mention this. And one time someone complained about our noise for bringing someone to repair the faucet in our bathroom can you believe that?!
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