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  1. Hi Ken & Redders! Thanks for replying to my questions, I called 157 today and spoke with a lady about the residence permit. She confirmed that a child born in turkey does need to have a passport before they can have Turkish short term residency. We have a meeting with the Russian Embassy in 2 weeks so hopefully they’ll understand our situation and grant the citizenship any way! Cheers! Colin
  2. Hello! My Wife and i have just had a baby in Antalya 1 month ago, I am Australian and she is Russian. We chose the have the baby here because of covid complications we could not get into each others countries. Antalya specifically as its a nice place! We are now finding it difficult to get all the needed documents to obtain Russian citizenship, one in particular proof of address of our child from "muhtarlık" In order to get proof of residence you need an ikamet and tax number - to get that you need a passport - to get a passport you need citizenship. It seems there is a broken link somewhere! As for getting Australian citizenship & Passport it will take 6-8 months which is too long in our situation I read somewhere it is possible to get an ikamet without passport for a newborn in turkey, however it does not allow me to proceed with the application with out a passport number? If any one has been in a similar situation or could offer some advice Id be grateful to hear it! Thanks in advance! Colin V
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