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  1. Yes, yes everything is ok. Also ours RP are came… They gave us for 2 years tourist RP ( just for son 1 y 2 m because his passport will expired) and everything happened in 7 days!! Really nice Thank you Ken for your support and advices! Best regards
  2. WOoooW this was faaast mom resident permit coming tomorrow for me and son still not have Information… Yes our RP expired 1.10.21 but I think this was same mistake of system… so we complete application 16.09, randevu take 5.10., card is approved and print 11.10 and gave to PTT.. so for Antalya this is really fast I’m so happy, I hope also my will come and yes, they gave she for 2 years! Tourist!
  3. I making that all every time… but problem start when I click Login, everything disappears and come this red note.. Today I will call 157 see what’s happening…
  4. Thank you… I hope it will be good, but today I want check results for mom and it’s come this of down of page:. What this mean? Have someone had same situation?
  5. Hello just to update information… Today I had randevu.. No interview, just give paper on desk. I applied for me and mom for 2y, and son 1 year and 2 months. I gave: Application form, 2 photos, sigorta, rent contract, copy of passport and copy of kimlik. And freiend gave me taahhuname, so for him also I gave copy of kimlik, that he’s not married and that no have criminal record. After they check everything they say that I go to pay in Vezane and paid and go back gave papers. Officer gave me teblig ve tebellug belegst, and say go home and wait kimlik will come maybe 7 days maybe 1 month.. max 3 months. So I hope that’s it it’s now possible, that they not give me? Officer say everything is ok, go and wait
  6. Then I will try for son 1 year and 2 months.. I hope it will be good. im wondering if I pay all tax (mom and son) online before appointment, and something go wrong they don’t let me to take (mom 2y, son 1y2m) can I get money back? Thanks a lot for answering my questions!
  7. thanks Ken, I bored you a lot Nice, i didn’t know that I can pay after appointment.. I’m applying in Antalya Muratpasa so there have vezne it’s good. I have one more question and that’s it ( I hope This RP is finish 1.10.21 and i want take 2y now but son passport is valid till 05.02.2023 … It’s possible apply for 2y then just when change passport bringe to ic goc idaresi and show? Or I must apply for 1 year and 3 months? ( I can change passport first at December 2022)
  8. Thank you Ken I will make then for both renew of same short resident permit.. i start applying for mom and come this part and im not sure should I take 1 or 2?
  9. Hello, Im waiting my work permit, so İ will not renew my resident permit BUT i need for my mom and little son to make.. My question is, for son now I should transfer to family resident permit and for mom renew tourist resident permit? I heared somewhere thats hard to take renewal for tourist.. I hope thats not true because İ want try to make now 2 years.. P.S. İm in Antalya and now we all have short resident permit (1y) tourist. best regards,
  10. So just can sit and wait now Thanks Ken, like always for fast answer..
  11. Hello i don’t know why but I can’t log in my old account so now I opened new Where I can find more information about work permit? my company say that they open “file” before 10 days and that they will also now do in my name ( just need photos and passport).. so I’m not sure is that true, and how long to wait to get Information is that accept? i need urgently work permit because my tourist resident permit will finish start of October, and I also must make renewing for my mom and son so I want first take work permit then make renew for family… Sorry weil I didn’t good explain thanks a lot for answers
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