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  1. Thank you Ken for your reply. Looks like he is going to apply for residency visa asap.
  2. Hi Ken He came on 19/6 and he’s planning to go to TRNC just before 90 days visa is finished. Planning to stay there a few weeks. When he comes back to Turkey, will he get a new 90 days visa at the airport or not?
  3. Hi Redders No he hasn’t been here 90 days full. He will be in a few weeks time.
  4. Hi all, My husband, British citizen is planning to go to TRNC for a few weeks. He comes to Turkey with a free 90 days visa which will be expired in a few weeks. Does anybody in this forum know if that 90 days free visa will start again when he returns from TRNC or not? Any thoughts will be helpful. Thanks
  5. I just subscribed Electricity for our apartment in Mugla. The people in Aydem asked me to pay 190tl to put my name on the bill. They said it will be refunded to me when I move out from this address. Previously the bill was on the landlord’s name. Is this right? I haven’t subscribed to the water company yet. I don’t know what to do. Different people tell me different things. The emlak is also clueless. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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