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  1. By the way, as I remember the code was ç120.. and the fine was about 270tl.
  2. Yes.. please do.. and Thank you so much for the quick responses..
  3. Yes right.. they mentioned that a lawyer is needed in order to pay it.. but they didn’t mention why a lawyer!! I am wondering if your company can handle it.. see if it is just paying the fine and that’s it or we really need a lawyer for it!!
  4. Thanks for the response.. I have contacted them and they mentioned that I overstayed some days so i need to find a lawyer to pay the “ceza” to solve the issue and they mentioned that it is solvable.
  5. Hi, I overstayed in Turkey and being not able to get a visa again. Do you have a service or a lawyer who can fix it for me to be able getting a visa again? regards,
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