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  1. Hi Ken, I need to fly out of Turkey due to emergency related to my work so I won't be able to attend the appointment. Should I cancel my application and reapply again next time? Thanks
  2. Thanks Ken for very clear and swift response. Regards
  3. Thanks Ken for the clarification. We are currently staying in a hotel and we are supposed to have appointment next week. We plan to bring a letter from the hotel since we are struggling to find an apartment to rent. Will our application be processed using the letter from the hotel? Thanks
  4. How long will it take for the application to be approved after the appointment date these days (assuming all the documents are complete)? I have difficulties in renting apartment. Can I use long term airbnb booking as evidence? Thanks
  5. I and my partner just registered to get a short term residence permit as I need to stay longer to complete my dental and gum treatment. As my case was a bit complex, I need to extend my stay. We are couple from Indonesian and came to Istanbul on 30days e-visa. Given our situation, we are currently staying in a hotel for almost a month and plan to extend it for another month. We want to use our hotel accommodation as the address in Turkey for the purpose of short term residence application. We may rent an apartment later once we have settled our arrangement. Will the authority accept hotel confirmation letter for the purpose of our application? Also, we also would like to get our second covid vaccine jab from Pfizer. Can we get it after we submitted all of our application documents while waiting for the result of the application? Thanks Bob and Wulan
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