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  1. @Mimi Did you use the Garanti web platforms and Mobile App? if so, can you please provide a feed-back on your experience? Thank you in advance.
  2. Howdy, I am wondering if there is a place where I can find books in English. Audience is mainly kids between 5 and 11 years old, and I am selfishly interested for myself as well ! We used to take the kids to the public library back in Texas, where they would spend hours on end and some more, so we would like to know if there is anything close in Antalya. Many thanks.
  3. Thank you, @IbrahimAbi for the input, much appreciated. Do you have a take on a bank between Ziraat and YapiKredi?
  4. Thank you @Ken Grubb for the clarifications. Much appreciated. I checked the fee structure of Wise.com (formerly transferwise.com) and will benchmark it against what my US bank (Chase) + the 2 candidate Turkish banks will charge in total, including the currency exchange mark-up ... got some work to do in order not to leave unnecessary fees on the table: these can add up quickly and significantly!
  5. Many Thanks @Ken Grubb for bringing this to my attention. if I understood correctly, when you say "they charge a fee" , and "my bank" above, you are referring to your US bank, is that correct? I also understood that one can have 2 accounts at the same bank: one in USD and one in Turkish Lira. The USD account is the recipient of international money transfers (this case from the US), and the TL account is used for intra-bank conversion at the then-day rate. Is my understanding correct?
  6. Howdy: between Ziraat Bank or YapiKredi: Which one would you recommend for foreigners, specifically US citizens with bank accounts in the US and needing to transfer money to Turkey? Many thanks.
  7. @Ken Grubb Sold! I just placed the order for the book. Thank you, Sir.
  8. Many thanks @Ken Grubb. I appreciate the insight.
  9. @Ken Grubb: Many thanks as always. I contacted both organization for additional details about their courses. I could not find any on their websites. If you happen to have any, I would be interested. Tomer is of interest since in Konyaalti where I happen to live, but the 20 hour/week may be an issue as I need some schedule flexibility.
  10. Howdy, any school or institute recommendations in Antalya to learn Turkish ? Many thanks.
  11. My pleasure, Ken. Thanks for your help with all the articles and posts.
  12. @Ken Grubb thank you. Being a new arrival to Antalya as well, this is what I experienced last week: while signing the rental contract, the landlord introduced me to a ‘consultant’ and asked him to help with the utilities... and he did. He came and picked me up the day after, we did Gas, Water and Electricity... all with my passport only. The only thing he tried hard was internet: Turk Telekom personnel were very clear: Hayir without a Turkish ID. Water came first the same day, then electricity same day as well, Gas the day after since pressure needs to be measured, which requires an employee from the gas provider to come and access the appartement. overall : a good experience and got the thing done in half a day. the only thing I would recommend is to do water last then go the the dwelling directly: we came back few hours later to find a small flake of water in the kitchen: the dishwasher valve wasn’t closed properly by the previous occupant, so it dripped enough to cause a flake.
  13. @IbrahimAbi ==> Thank you ... I will stick with regular un-bundled offerings. I hope your issues with the D company are resolved by now.
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