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  1. thank you @REDDERS. That is exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Howdy, Can anybody point to a website, resource, or advise about the taxes on vehicles in Turkey? It must be some combination of year/engine size, but I can't find a reliable source. Any help will be appreciated. Many Thanks.
  3. @HakimSJ819 Gas was the easiest utility of all. I'd suggest you try again at a different branch. Take a Turkish speaking person with you if needed. It helps. Keep us posted and good luck to you. Note & "disclaimer": As opposed to water and electricity: You will need to be present at the dwelling for the gas meter to be unlocked by an inspector. provide the gas company with a current phone number so you know they are coming. Disclaimer: my experience is in Antalya. other cities may differ.
  4. Thank you @Ken Grubb for this detailed guide. I wanted to take the opportunity to provide my feedback since I went thru the process with my children yesterday. While I had the full paperwork package with me, except the Criminal Record Check (did not want to fly back to the US to get it, so I took my chance...), the immigration officer asked for and took the following: the applications, copies of the children passports, their e-visas printout, translated apostilled birth certificates, and a copy of my wife's and my passport (1 for ea. application, so we had to make additional copies in situ); and of course the payment receipts for the application fees. The officer was adamant about having each application package put in a plastic sheet protector, so we managed to provide her with that. No other documents were requested, but I would still recommend going with the full package as described by Ken above - just in case; which I will do for my renewals.
  5. Thank you @IbrahimAbi. It is good to hear from you. As you can see, I will have to go back to driving school since the US are not a signatory of the UN convention allowing exchange of drivers' license. That'll be an experience... and at the same time. I am more than okay keeping my Lone Star driver's license. Couldn't find its flag in the Emoji's by the way
  6. Thanks, Ken. Beyond the residence permit, how does it work if I have to take one of the kids to a private doctor/dentist? I would imagine they will charge for their services. Would a health insurance cover for part of the expenses should I get one for the kids.
  7. @Ken Grubb Does that mean that we get to keep our US driver license and get a new Turkish driver license? Also: is there any driving school you would recommend in Antalya to start the process? Many thanks.
  8. Howdy, I have a specific question about children (the eldest is 10 years old). What is their status when it comes to healthcare? Do I need to get a private health insurance for them? Thank you.
  9. I paid the residence permit fees cash at the immigration office when I went for my appointment. I will have to do the same route anyways with my wife since she wasn't able to come with me Monday, so I'll see if that is the case for her as well and inquire with the tax office employee to understand. YapiKredi: No idea: It took the lady few seconds to let me know that it "wouldn't work" and it seemed to me like it was more of a "standard procedure" type of reaction. By that I mean she didn't enter my information or check with someone else in the bank, etc.
  10. I received the book over the week-end and started my education : I LOVE it. The combination of book/videos makes a huge difference. I learned if few units and 2 days what I did not in over a month of trying different materials out there. I am looking forward to advancing, and thank you @Ken Grubb for this great recommendation. The only bummer is the quality of the print, the binding is poorly done so the pages tend to separate from the spine... I just used tape to put them back in; and I won't hold that against them since their learning system is so great.
  11. I just wanted to provide a feed-back on this topic (and the response will cover other things, so a re-classification may be needed). I picked up my TC card from the PTT (Wasn't home when the postman came), and immediately went to a Vergi Diaresi to get a Vergi Number. The kiosk has a placard indicating to get the Number from a website, which I tried on the spot but the system couldn't process the request using my passport. Then I found a helpful gentleman (others were busy having breakfast at 10 am) who made an attempt, but failed. Then it dawned on me to hand him my newly printed TC card, and as soon as he entered my ID #, told me that I already had a Vergi Number! Not sure if this is new, but it seems (to be confirmed) that Vergi numbers are assigned automatically now (assumption), as this is my experience. Then I went to YapiKredi to open an account, and after standing under the sun for a good 20 minutes, was finally admitted inside the empty bank (...), walked to the assigned kiosk, said (using Google Translate) that I wanted to open an account, and showed my TC card. The young lady said that it was not possible since the card "doesn't count" - as translated by the app. I tried to understand why, but she said the system won't allow her to open the account, and advised that I go to Ziraat Bank down the street (first time a bank doesn't want to take my money) ... which I did! After waiting another 20 minutes under the sun, I was finally admitted to the (busier) inside where I was able to open 2 accounts, one is USD and one in TL. I was also able to access my internet account the same day, and using the Google Translate extension in Chrome, navigated the website, paid my rent and other dues. Then I had an issue with the password: I called the hotline praying to have someone who speaks English ... but the hotline has an English option (hurray). Got the password issue fixed, and it all up and running now. Then today I ran an benchmark using Wise: I transferred 1000USD (one thousand) from my US bank account to my Ziraat Bank account: Wise charged $11.4 fee when my US bank would charge $40; Wise provided an exchange rate of 8.36790 when Ziraat was buying at 8.34 (same clock time) ==> Winner = Wise. But my surprise was more on the time it took for the money to reflect in my Ziraat bank account: less than an hour! (which I would classify as "almost-real-time"). Don't know if I was lucky on this attempt or if this is the standard... My next benchmark will be with a higher amount to check the transfer time and also the amount over which the Wise fee is over the bank fee and if their exchange rate keeps them competitive on the overal transaction. Back to Ziraat bank: I noticed they charged fees left and right for money transfers to other people, if anyone has an idea how to get rid of those fees, I will highly appreciate, since fees have a tendency to irritate me (I am sure I am not the only one). Hope this helps. Cheers.
  12. @Mimi Did you use the Garanti web platforms and Mobile App? if so, can you please provide a feed-back on your experience? Thank you in advance.
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