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  1. I HOPE this was a one-time thing too. I think I got a bit unlucky with the government officer, because last year the officer who interviewed me, well, didn't interview me; she didn't even ask me questions about financial arrangement! (It's so random) No I don't live in Istanbul, and I didn't know they were stricter over there. I've always lived in Izmir and been applying for a residence permit here. Living somewhere other than Istanbul might have been a saving grace (until now). Thank you so much for replying to my post! I guess I'll try registering at the courses.
  2. I'm glad to have found this community; I need help with my residency situation and hope you can kindly share your advice. I have lived in Turkey for almost 5 years (but not consecutively) but I have not pushed myself hard enough to learn Turkish. Either this bothered the immigration officer, or something else did, because during the interview for residence permit renewal at the end of last April she gave me only 3 months, instead of a full year. So my current residence permit is valid until August 1, which is less than 2 months away. (She did mention something like "you lived in Turkey for years and you still don't speak the language") I know in my experience that the interview can go in many directions depending on the officer, but this time it hit me hard. Now I'm worried if my next renewal application will even be accepted (the next interviewing officer might get suspicious about the previous decision and be less accommodating), and if it gets accepted, would I keep getting 3 months from now on? My friend advised me to apply for a university Turkish language program for foreigners that lasts almost a year; would this really raise my chance of getting a residence permit? Or should I apply with the same tourism purpose and hope for the best? If I apply for renewal by registering at one of such courses, should I change the residency type category from tourism to learning language next time I apply? I'm very confused about the whole situation and I really don't want to leave Turkey.
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