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  1. Hello thank you so much for your prompt response Ken. Yes I do have a 2yr Residence Permit in Istanbul and it seems they are accepting Foreign Permit numbers on the Rendevu service for the Nufus, although this appointment is set in 1 of the Population District offices. I got in touch with an office today that does foreigner support services and they will send an interpreter with me now that travel is allowed again. Guess I'll find out in my appointment for sure haha if it's possible or if I need to go to the immigration office. Thank you for the kind words of comfort about the time pass
  2. Hello, I've had a bit of a rollercoaster since my arrival (especially with all the lockdowns) and having to leave the first house (never rely on a distant relative -.-) I had to stay in some share flats for a while until I finally managed to get another apartment temporarily for 2 months where the owner agreed to write a contract and bills for me to be able to apply for Nufus, and then the Ramadan lockdown happened. I tried going to nufus more than once and I received a bit of an insensitive/slightly racist treatment for not speaking Turkish (even when the agent speaks English). And I was
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