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  1. @Ken Grubb Thank you so much, now I can decide easily about moving other province or not. You are the saviour!
  2. So it means that I am moving to another province and now I need to apply TRC again? All fee and charges will be paid again? Noter fee will be paid again? Rental contract will be notarised? What if they cancel my trc? That’s why I asked, had some confusions
  3. Hello there, I applied my trc from Kocaeli, Izmit and I got my residence permit within 14-days (my appointment time also included in this duration). Now I want to go to Eskisheir, but my question is should I go to goc Idaresi of Eskisheir for getting changed my address or what other departments should be notified about the change in my address? or I need to go to Goc Idaresi of Izmit from where I got my residence card? Please help me out, thanks to all.
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