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  1. Well it was an unproductive visit today, I told them about the case and they just said they've had a system problem and thats why everything is delayed and that there is no problem with the photos or anything. That I just have to wait 2 more weeks and it should arrive, but that if it doesn't come in 2 weeks then I should come back to them.
  2. Okay great, I hope thats the case. And hopefully I don't have to wait for the printing procedure all over again, considering how long it has already been. Also yeah i'll provide an update here on how it goes at the immigration department, might be useful to others someday.
  3. I just talked to them and they told me there was a problem during the printing stage and that I should go to "Kumkapi il goc idaresi" with my biometric photos and passport to resolve it, so i will go tomorrow morning and see how it goes. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, I applied for my short term student residence permit in early November and I got approval in February (93 days), and now it has been in ‘printing stage’ for 48 days today, is something wrong? Or does it usually take this long? Also i never received any sms about the application, I only know because I check the ikamet website regularly, is this normal? Thanks.
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