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  1. Yes sir, that's about a visa i applied because I left country with muracaat belgesi and now rp application is approved. But they sent emptu passport without refusing it. I have been trying to call the above number but no one is picking up calls for days. I have booked my flight, do you think they will let me enter because rp is approved and on printing stage.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Yes my residence permit is evaluated positively and its in the printing stage m I have heard from many others that they were also able to enter based on this paper after 2 months. Moreover, i applied for visa and they didn't approved it and neither rejected as well. Just sent my passport back. one person told me that if you have an active ikamet number, they cannot offer you visa unless your passport is new. So, do you think they will allow me to enter? i am scared but i am student
  3. I am a student at Gaziosmanpasa university Tokat and due to covid-19 classes were online so i came back to my country by getting a travel document from Goç. Now i applied for visa again since its been 3 months, but visa was neither rejected neither approved and they placed it on hold. Now can i enter in Turkey with travel document i got from Goc because i need to continue my classes in University and i have only travel document to enter as my residence card is approved and in printing stage. Technically my data is now in the system. So will they allow me to enter on Travel document as I a
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