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  1. I was wondering on few computer hardware and accessories to buy in turkey (router, CPU, ram etc). Are those taxed in turkey? I know some electronics such as laptops are taxed, but what about routers, cameras etc.. are they? Lastly can someone recommend for me a market where i can shop online in turkey and check the prices over there ?
  2. thanks a lot indeed, sorry i was under the impression i already left a reply here guess i was mistaken !,,, thanks again for your warm welcome,
  3. I have decided to come and settle in turkey, am Palestinian and AMOF i visited turkey in the past several times, am coming from the UAE and i have a tourism visa and as soon as i enter i will apply for the residency and chances are i will get it (99%) don't ask me how i know just trust me it hardly gets rejected for some people anyways, i have few things (personal belongings) which are used by me and Not planning to sell, mostly computer hardware (in used condition), android and an iPhone, 2 laptops, an Xbox and few computer hardware, am wondering has anyone tried it personally ? I will land in IST Airport for sure, the stuff will be in my luggage along with my other personal things (clothes etc...) will those computer items cause me any issues ? can someone plz speak from experience and advise? ill try NOT to take more than the stuff mentioned above and it doesn't sound like much to me, just how strict are they with this stuff?
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