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  1. I was wondering on few computer hardware and accessories to buy in turkey (router, CPU, ram etc). Are those taxed in turkey? I know some electronics such as laptops are taxed, but what about routers, cameras etc.. are they? Lastly can someone recommend for me a market where i can shop online in turkey and check the prices over there ?
  2. thanks a lot indeed, sorry i was under the impression i already left a reply here guess i was mistaken !,,, thanks again for your warm welcome,
  3. I have decided to come and settle in turkey, am Palestinian and AMOF i visited turkey in the past several times, am coming from the UAE and i have a tourism visa and as soon as i enter i will apply for the residency and chances are i will get it (99%) don't ask me how i know just trust me it hardly gets rejected for some people anyways, i have few things (personal belongings) which are used by me and Not planning to sell, mostly computer hardware (in used condition), android and an iPhone, 2 laptops, an Xbox and few computer hardware, am wondering has anyone tried it personally ? I will
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