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  1. hi there i would appreciate any help regarding this issue im going to briefly explain . so, me and my girlfriend applied for a short stay residence permit at the same time , after about 70 days mine evaluated positively and just 5 days later my girlfriend also received a message about her application was evaluated positively . so, after about 10 days i received my card at my door . we expected to receive hers in maximum a week after that but now it has been 3 weeks that we didn't receive her card . and when i go to the website it says that it is in printing stage ... so, as we expected to receive our cards, we arranged a flight to go back home for like 2 months . i want to know how long more should we wait since our flight is in 2 weeks , and if we don't receive it and we want to leave is it going to be a penalty for her or since her application was approved it's already ok for her to leave and come back after our short-term duration is over ?
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