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  1. Thank you Redders for your answer. I have a info i needed. ill import one my self, my wife the second car and the last one, well. will be imported if i can find some one to do it for me thank you again
  2. Greetings As im planning to come to Turkey via the investment program. I wanted to know if a Turkish citizen can import an old car to Turkey? what are the restrictions? are the taxes high like for new cars? The cars have personal value for me. My cars i would like to bring: 1963 Beetle. value 1500usd 1963 Beetle. value 2000usd 1965 Volvo p1800 (only body and chassis, no engine). a project ive started but stil needing a lot of work. value 7500usd Merci ps: The cars are in bad shape but running (they all will be renovated once in Turkey) The volvo is only a chassis and body, But it was renovated by a professional. All car have proper registration documents,
  3. Hello everyone. My family and i. Wife and a child are interested in buying some real estate to get Turkish citizenship. But we couldnt find all the needed information. We are going to buy 3 flats for a total of 360000usd + a piece of land worth +/- 50000usd (village, isolated land on a cliff with sea view) Is it mandatory to buy all real estate in the same town? or the same neighborhood? Is it possible to buy flats lets say one today, the second a week later and the rest another week later? or it has to be registered the same day? Concerning the money. We have a lot of restriction in my country that make any money transfer impossible legally. Instead we buy dollars from people we pay in local money and they make the transfer from other countries and The real estate would be bought using that money (i have all documents showing the money is legal 'inheritance' ). Can we buy real estate with money already in turkey? or do we have to buy each flat/land with wire from outside Turkey? Merci
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