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  1. My residence permit application was concluded positively and card is at printing stage. https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/Modul/YabanciKimlikNoSorgula My information about the Foreign ID number is also available after checking through the link above. However, I am outside Turkey, do i need a visa to enter Turkey or can i print out My Ikamet information from the above link and enter in Turkey without visa
  2. Hi! Earlier my residence card was showing the status " There is a problem at the card printing stage. You need to visit DGMM office". I called GOC and they said they have fixed the photos problems and status will change soon. The status changed to under assessment but after few days the same error message started to appear again. I called 157 but it was of no help as they said call GOC and GOC said no problem at their end. GOC said there is no problem and today after more than a month when i checked the status, it was showing the message which i attached in the picture below. I aske
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