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  1. I was just introducing myself, so I mentioned that I already am (more or less) an expat. I know that my wife's Swiss passport doesn't help with Turkey. I know a bit about the procedure so I didn't mention it. We can fulfill the requirements and the costs of the procedure, including residence permit, are anyway in my eyes part of the whole purchase procedure. We plan 60k for the whole process, 50 for the property itself and the rest should suffice for taxes, fees, health insurance, etc. Extra comes to spend some time there to evaluate the situation live on the spot and for the furnishment, and,
  2. To introduce myself, I am a Serbian freelancing translator who currently lives partly in Greece and partly in Serbia. Мy wife and I have both Greek permanent residence through her Swiss passport. We own an apartment in Kassandra peninsula but, as much as we love it there and though Kassandra has a much better climate in the winter than Belgrade/Serbia, we would like to follow the sun to a warmer, and to be honest, less expensive region. We generate together monthly roughly an average of 2k, which is not enough for year-round stay in Greece and eats up our reserves. During Corona we have to sta
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