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  1. My home country is an Arabian country and Arabian countries dont have such tax systems. I only have to pay VAT in my country (and its inclusive). Whats the situation in my case? What about Turkish citizens? Do they pay taxes for trading in cryptocurrencies?
  2. What taxes apply to buying, selling, and profiting from cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. I am using a Turkish website for trading (btcturk.com). What do you think? Any experience? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you for your responses, Ken. Your help is really appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the response. Do you think I would get a work permit by just doing freelance? How can I apply? Online or file application?
  5. After filling the form that I got from here of exceptional citizenship, to which address should I send it to? Or how should a deliver the application to the government?
  6. I am a foreigner with a touristic residence permit residing in Turkey for a couple months. Before I cam to Turkey I used to design logos and branding for individuals and stratups and get paid with PayPal. I want to continue my freelance activities in Turkey with customers outside of Turkey but I am not able to know if this is legal here. I tried to look this up on the web but couldnt find a clear answer. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks a ton for the reply. I feel better now. But how can I make sure my wife is legally driving the car? Should I register her as a driver or just give her the key and she can drive? (I am the owner)
  8. So I just bought a new car from an authorized dealership. I knew there are tax free plates for foreigners that have lettering MA-MZ but they have selling and other restrictions. So I went ahead and paid full taxes. I was surprised that my plate came out MD. Is there a mistake here? Did I get a blue plate although I paid full taxes? Please confirm. Thanks.
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