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  1. I was given the FedEx customs lady email and number But the number was not in service) I wrote to Elif Mutlu first. She just wrote back, sorry we can’t help you.. That was it. I had complained to just about everyone at FedEx, making multiple calls and sending multiple emails each day. Then a lady called Angela Forbes got involved with my case, And she was the one that really got the ball rolling. My daughter then got an email from this Elif woman requesting her details & contents of boxes photos of passport etc. They had told the UK lady (Angela) that they had been trying to contact shy & Diyar by phone and email, But got no reply... This was a lie. We was given a FedEx customs email, when we first started to complain, and was told to contact then. This was one of the many emails that was returned to us, as the email address was not in use. My daughter was told she had to contact the customs department first, to give them instructions of the Broker she wanted to use. but they was unreachable. I think if the English lady at FedEx had not of been helping, we would of just never seen the parcels again... ( not that we have the parcels yet ourselves) This has totally put me off sending any further stuff to her. when I lived in Istanbul, I sent 5 boxes to my new home, They arrived a few days later, I had to show the courier my passport, and pay a small fee ( not sure why, But just paid it...) it was that simple, This was only a little over 2 years ago. The only thing I would suggest is to check that when you look for a courier to send your parcel to Turkey, Read the small print, and check that they are going to assign a Turkish Broker, to get your parcel through customs. My nightmare isn’t over yet, The parcel according to the tracking, is still arrived at customs, and just been sitting there for the past 14 days. My daughter was told she would get it yesterday. But it still hasn’t arrived as of today.. And tracking info still as before.
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. FedEx have been emailing with the customs department in Turkey, And they said that the Turkish customs people would not allow FedEx to be the broker for this consignment. My daughter then got an email from the customs lady in Turkey, Asking my daughter for her details, copy of her passport and photos of her passport stamps when she entered the country. I also took the advice which several people on here gave me, To add her Turkish ID number, She is still waiting for her card to arrive, so I told her to also put her partners details down, and his ID number, As they are both registered at the same address. She received an Email the next day, saying that the parcel will now be cleared through customs, And will be delivered to her, And this will take around 4 business days. I am not sure which particular factor helped, But I feel relieved that she will finally get her stuff. So we are keeping everything crossed now, That it will arrive next week, Once again thank you all for the help you gave me
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help with this, She has residency, but not citizenship. But her partner is a Turkish resident, So I will see if he can just use his number...
  4. Customs parcel Broker Help Needed. I sent a parcel to my daughter, Who lives in Marmaris, It just contained her personal belongings, and a couple of Christmas & birthday gifts. I went on a comparison website, and it was parcel compare/ parcel Hero who the booking was made with. FedEx collected the parcel the next day. And I thought all was good. The parcel has now been at customs in Istanbul for the past week, And I have been told we need a broker to clear the items. We had no idea about this. FedEx won’t help because we booked through a 3rd party (they won’t even allow the parcel to be returned to me in the UK) and parcel hero are saying we should have been aware of this situation. My daughter has tried to find a broker to help, But most say they only deal with companies, not individuals. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and can offer any help or advice on finding a broker to deal with this. I have been told that after 30 days, The parcel will be destroyed, which will be devastating for my daughter, as some of the items are personal memories that can’t be replaced.
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