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  1. I was given the FedEx customs lady email and number But the number was not in service) I wrote to Elif Mutlu first. She just wrote back, sorry we can’t help you.. That was it. I had complained to just about everyone at FedEx, making multiple calls and sending multiple emails each day. Then a lady called Angela Forbes got involved with my case, And she was the one that really got the ball rolling. My daughter then got an email from this Elif woman requesting her details & contents of boxes photos of passport etc. They had told the UK lady (Angela) that they had been trying to cont
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. FedEx have been emailing with the customs department in Turkey, And they said that the Turkish customs people would not allow FedEx to be the broker for this consignment. My daughter then got an email from the customs lady in Turkey, Asking my daughter for her details, copy of her passport and photos of her passport stamps when she entered the country. I also took the advice which several people on here gave me, To add her Turkish ID number, She is still waiting for her card to arrive, so I told her to also put her partners details dow
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help with this, She has residency, but not citizenship. But her partner is a Turkish resident, So I will see if he can just use his number...
  4. Customs parcel Broker Help Needed. I sent a parcel to my daughter, Who lives in Marmaris, It just contained her personal belongings, and a couple of Christmas & birthday gifts. I went on a comparison website, and it was parcel compare/ parcel Hero who the booking was made with. FedEx collected the parcel the next day. And I thought all was good. The parcel has now been at customs in Istanbul for the past week, And I have been told we need a broker to clear the items. We had no idea about this. FedEx won’t help because we booked through a 3rd party (they won’t even allow the
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