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  1. I am assuming that you have already entered Turkey because you cannot get the tax number before that. Sometime this type of problem I face in when the character entered in the system is different, for example in my name character 'i' sometime it is entered as Turkish char 'ı' then I have to use this character only then it works.
  2. You can use the temporary address where ever you are living the time of getting a tax number and there is no need to update that. Also you can generate your tax number online without the need of visiting tax office as I did for all of my family members, it takes hardly a minute. If I talk about my experience I generated my tax number when I was in Bursa and later I moved to Istanbul where I purchased a property, so throughout every process or place I used the tax number with the address mentioned of Bursa hotel. You can follow this guide for generating tax number Tax ID - International Community Office (ku.edu.tr)
  3. Total Applicants 6 21st February 2021 application filed on the e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr residence permit application website 13th March I got email for appointment date of 23rd March Complete Documents submitted on 26th March Status Updated to approved between 14th April to 19th April Cards Received 3/6 so far between 19th and 21st April Province Istanbul Now waiting for the remaining 3 cards.
  4. There wasn't any interview, I just went there they saw my docs and asked for missing documents then I came back 2 days later with the documents and submitted all the applications. Btw we have started receiving our cards, 3/6 received.
  5. No they didn't ask any financial proof, all I have attached my three month bank statement which I brought along back from my country. They asked 1 extra document that was Belgesi Numrataj which I had obtained from Beldeysi office of my area. Also if you have multiple name on tapu (property title deed) then you need to attach tapu of all share holders. (In past there used to be only one tapu with all names but now is not the case at least here in Istanbul. I got 3 separate tapu with all share holders name and their share written) so they ask you to attach all tapu copies in all applications.
  6. as per my experience not more than 10,000TL .On average 5000TL is the maximum I got concession from most of the emlak (real estate agents) and they didn't go any further below. Usually owners of the property tells emlak agent their lowest price so agents communicate you the final price when you ask them.
  7. You need to confirm this because they may not accept the time with the touristic permit. Purchasing a property means you have invested in the country which leads to citizenship whereas tourist permit is self explanatory.
  8. Well I did the same, landed here, stayed in hotels and searched for the property, after 20 days I bought one and then applied for the permit with the address of my own property.
  9. your touristic residency time won't be counted for citizenship as per my knowledge. I recommend you to consult with some lawyer and ask them. Also let us know if you know the exact answer.
  10. Update: I am in Istanbul in my own Apartment. I was quite busy here, soon I will post in detail.
  11. Hi Ken, thanks for your detailed answer, let me land there and see what I options do I have. I have exactly same plan to give power of attorney to my family members who will later proceed with the documentation needed. I will surely stay till my interview.
  12. hey Ken thank you so much for your detailed answer of my queries. I really appreciate your contribution on this forum. I was following this forum for sometime, soon I will be contributing here too. Ken can do you have any idea how many days later we get interview date ? generally . Lets say if I proceed with the rental agreement route first so can I get the interview date within 20 days ? as I will be on a very tight schedule though my siblings will be staying there
  13. Merhaba, Phase 1: I am Zohaib from Pakistan and planning to migrate to Turkey by purchasing a property (my brother and sister on same tapu (property title deed). I am planning a visit at the end of January for total 20 days (as I have takes leave from Job). So what I am planning is to either short list some property here through Sahibinden or maybe through some Estate Agent and as soon as I land I visit and finalize the property and initiate the process of purchasing and then apply for Residence Permit. Now main question is, Is this all possible in 20 days ? Purchasing Property Applying Residence Permit (I can give my siblings power of attorney so they can do any documentation needed and receive my TR card) 2nd Possibility: Rent property Apply for tourist residence permit Find property Phase 2: My rest of the family that include my wife & children and my parents will migrate as well along with me after winding up everything from my homeland so we will purchase one more property(the higher value one) under my parents name so they will be eligible for residence permit as well. We will also be investing in some business (probably more than 1) as I will be leaving my job and we have a plan to focus on business in Turkey. Now the question is, can I apply for my wife and children TR along with my application during my first visit ? I am looking for some real estate agent and lawyer for consultation. So please mention some reliable one's. I have submitted a form on this website for the same purpose but haven't got any response.
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