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  1. Hi there, how are mails and packages delivered in Daires in Antalya? Do each Daire have a dedicated, locked mailbox? Are packages delivered to door or only to the hallway at the entrance of the Daire?
  2. Hi there, I know that one has to start utilities after purchasing a Daire in Antalya. How do I initiate water, gas, electricity and internet after I made a purchase of a Daire? Do I have to go to the headquarters of each utility departments with my passport to get the process initiated? Any document that may be needed besides the passport?
  3. Great info! And this Vergi Dairesi as shown on the map is the 1st stop I should go to as soon as I land in Antalya right?
  4. Great advice dear sir! And indeed I was looking around at the Kepez district, which has lower housing prices in general compared to Konyaalti as well as Muratpasa, where a nice new large Daire can go way up into the 1 million lira range. How much in taxes and fees and commissions have you had to pay for each apartment on top of their listing price? Was it a significant portion such as 8-10% on top of the listing price? Were you able to negotiate down the listing price by a meaningful margin such as 5000-10000 Liras?
  5. Hi there, it seems like the Turkish Gov has this initiative to demolish buildings that are built with subpar earthquake resistance or subpar construction quality. I've heard that buildings 5 year old or newer have stricter requirements and better resistance towards earthquakes. Is it true? Should I only shop for buildings 5 years or newer to avoid the possibility of it being demolished due to subpar construction or poor sound insulations?
  6. Since the previous owner probably has copies of the keys, is there a possibility of a potential criminal break in if we don't change the locks after the purchase of the property?
  7. When I entered Turkey to Antalya in Jan of this year, I tried the same website at my Hostel, and it did not work at all. While I was in the Hostel in Muratpasa, Antalya... Same exact error.
  8. When I try to get it online, it tells me "unable to verify your info, please apply at the tax office" It just keep showing me this message and refuse to let me proceed when I apply using the Interaktif Vergi Dairesi site. Any suggestions or I shall just go to Vergi Dairesi in person?
  9. It seems like Taxes and Commissions would be an extremely costly add-on piggy backing on the sales price of a property. If the property i'll purchase is 500k Liras, if taxes is 4% and commission is 3%, wouldn't I be paying 35000 TRY in fees alone, minus all other small fees such as earthquake insurance, inspection and documentation fees? Are the taxes and commissions separate from the listing price on Hurriyet Emlak? Can they be negotiated into the sales price? Any tips and suggestions? Since an extra 35000 Lira would almost certainly deal a blow to my overall budget.
  10. Without my own property and purchasing a scanner/printer, getting a mere copy would also be a pain in the rear end... I know last time Mr C or you told me I can stop by a kiosk and get a copy but it would be a pain also when I don't know the language well...
  11. It seems like in order to purchase a property, I have to stop by Antalya's tax office and obtain a tax number. However before I purchase a property I must stay in some random Airbnb rental apartments. In this situation if the tax agency of Antalya asks me for an address, do I just supply the current address I lived in that temporary transitional apartment? How do I revise the address of my tax number after I moved into the apartment I buy? Do I need to amend the address with the Tax agency?
  12. Hi there, so I have been doing my property research on Hurriyet Emlak, The dream, top floor units I really loved cost anywhere between 375000 to 490000 TRY. On the other hand, I also find some non top floor, livable, 60-70 SQ M apartments in Kepez right next to the tram station for sale for 145000-150000 TRY. Is it worth it to pay 300000 to 350000 more Liras just to get my dream Daire, or maybe the 150000 TRY cheapo Daire isn't too bad? My main concern is the potential noise problem of the non Top floor 150k Daire, I know they were built with concrete and bricks but what
  13. I have filed multiple noise complaints here in Nevada and Ohio to my landlords and the result has been non existent. And yes I think newer Apts in TR have better sound insulations. Better get them new ones lol, but do you happen to know at which year did the Turkish construction authority start to require installation of sound insulation on buildings? @Ken Grubb
  14. Major appreciations! If she can solve such a perplexing question, it would help so many visitors lol! This cell phone lock thing is genuinely unreasonable.
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