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  1. Hi, TurkCell seems to have updated its price scheme days ago, so I created this Google Sheet which reflects the accurate price/data info to date. I'll update the sheet as time goes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZwUrgZCh-wtr3gz3DJ91f61leXb2pVBZG3WTaugN1Qc/edit?usp=sharing At least as of today, 20211115, the best 10GB plan is the Gulumseten Firsat 10gb at 50TL per 28 days.
  2. Hi there, I know there's Antalya Buyuksehir Belediyesi Kepez Belediyesi Kepez Kaymakanligi Antalya Vergi Dairesi To which of these aforementioned four agencies do I need to pay my yearly property tax in May of 2022? If my property is located in Kepez Antalya? I didn't find any useful information on E-Devlet, I did see under the municipal section there's an Antalya Buyuksehir Belediyesi button and a Kepez Belediyesi button, but where to pay for the property and where to see my property under my name is nowhere to be found...
  3. Hi there, for Kepez, My ASAT water bill arrives on or around the 9th of each month, a physical bill is delivered at the gate of the elevator, due date on the 23rd, 14 days after the bill creation date My CK AKDENIZ electricity bill arrives on or around the 15th of each month, physical bill, due date on the 25th, 10 days after the bill creation date My Turk Telekom ADSL bill arrives on or around the 4th of each month, electronic bill, due date on the 16th, 12 days after the bill creation date My Turk Cell Prepaid plan expires after every 28 days, have to manually purchase a new plan on the last day of the previous plan's validity date
  4. Hi there, So today I received my Ikamet. However a lot of things happened. So in the morning a PTT deliverer called me saying something I couldn't understand, and he told me to be at the PTT Kargo office at 4 pm of today. I asked him why couldn't he deliver, he just hang up and after that I texted him and called him and he doesn't answer or reply. I asked my Turkish friend to call PTT and call him, he said that the deliverer went to the address, and apparently the address on the envelope is different than the address I live in. So I went to PTT Kargo ve Dagitim Mudurlugu in Kepez, and at around 4:15 pm the deliver showed up and checked my passport and then gave the package to me. The address on the Envelope the Ikamet came with is Totally wrong, the street number is off by like 2 digits (I live on a numbered street), building number is completely wrong and apartment number is completely wrong. The information on the Ikamet itself is mostly correct. So do I need to do anything as I already have the Ikamet in hand? Do I need to update anything on E Devlet? Or the wrong address is only conveyed on the envelope and there isn't other things I can do or should do?
  5. I had the same concern, but nothing weird has been going on, just the poor design of the website that left us hanging. Just need to wait for the PTT to get the Ikamet delivered to door or they might call you if they have trouble finding you address. Also PTT has stopped texting many people including me since a year ago after the tracking number has been created as I have learned.
  6. Just keep waiting, nothing is unusual. If you want to get a tracking number that you can track on PTT's website, call 157 and you can talk to an English speaking agent and then you can submit your information and then he or she would supply you with a tracking number from PTT, IF your application has been approved and Ikamet is being dispatched.
  7. Hi there, just here to post to make sure others don't get as confused as I did. So after the Goc Idaresi interview, the lady told me to wait at home for the card to arrive within 30 days. However I have gotten no text messages whatsoever, no emails whatsoever. And I wasn't able to log onto the Goc Idaresi application status tracker since yesterday so I was panicking. I emailed Antalya's Goc Idaresi email address, but then called 157, and the lady at 157 collected my name and my passport number and my parents' first names. After a while she provided me a tracking number from PTT and apparently the card is already on the way to be delivered to my apartment in Kepez Antalya! So PTT didn't send me any text messages whatsoever, nor any emails regarding to the tracking number. I wouldn't have known any tracking numbers of mine until I called 157. Therefore 157 is a very important helpline, even available for people calling in on Saturdays! Do ya'll know if PTT delivers on Saturdays or Sundays? Or I probably would have to wait until Monday?
  8. Yes you have to bring 4 photos (I brought US standard passport photos lmfao 2 inches by 2 inches) and the lady didn't have any issues with it. But next year I'll run out of photos and I'll have to go to an affordable photo parlor here in Antalya and get the photo submitted. Yes the lady did check the medical insurance proof of insurance, but later returned it to me. It'd better be a physical print out because the lady requested almost every document with a physical printout. Hence why I bought a printer off of Trendyol, cheapest laser printer on Trendyol is the Pantum laser printers which does the job perfectly. No the lady did not give me any numbers except a generic piece of paper afterwards, but if you have the PDF version of your residence permit application, you can simply use the "Registration number" with 2 dashes in the middle, to look up your status on Goc Idaresi's site. However last time I checked nothing happened.
  9. Hi there, just would like to share what I did today. I went to Goc Idaresi and submitted the application for the Ikamet today on 1st of Nov, 2021. Going there by the T3 Tram, after getting off at the Akdeniz Universitesi station, Goc Idaresi is a 5 minute walk turning right from the gate of the IL Jandarma office. After passing through security gate you'll see the Goc Idaresi building, with the main office/reception hall on the left and the finance office on the right for payments. Office opened on 0830 and people waiting in line were let in as of 0830. HES Code scanned. For me personally, for real estate residency, the lady behind the counter asked for 1 Ikamet Application Completed paper copy print out 2 Passport Info Page paper copy print out 3 TAPU paper copy print out 4 Turkish E Visa paper copy print out 5 Fatura, I gave her my first CK Akdeniz Fatura not the copy I didn't have the E Visa paper copy print out, there is a cafeteria outside the Goc Idaresi building and was able to make a copy of my Turkish E Visa at the cafeteria. The Goc Idaresi lady behind the counter stapled the application and asked me to go to get the copy of the E Visa and go submit the payment at the finance office on the right. There was a lady at the cafeteria, you add the number pasted at the counter into your WhatsApp, then you send the PDF to her WhatsApp, she would print it promptly. The charge is 2.5 TL per document. Then I went to the finance office on the right of the Goc Idaresi and showed the gentleman behind the counter and the pay was 884.56 TL, I paid 900 and the gentleman gave me 15.25 back. The man gave me a Makbuz, which is a receipt for paying for the 884.75 TL, which is extremely important as the GI lady will request that document. After I get back into the office, submitted the additional documents. GI lady collected everything and told me just to wait for the Ikamet in 30 days or so. So no interviews, just a very courteous lady behind the counter doing the paperwork and collecting the documents. So how do I track my application status? Do I use this site? https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/Ikamet/DevamEdenBasvuruGiris
  10. WOW so Vergi Dairesi ONLY accepts CASH? I better bring a wad of cash to the GOC IDARESI on the day of my interview. Which is in 5 days hahaha!
  11. What an important thing to know, and what a shame that TurkCell does this to people! A company with conscience would let you buy the ticket, and ACTIVATE it whenever WE want. Not that when we buy the packet, it overlaps with the current packet and wastes consumers money.
  12. Hi there I use TurkCell but I think this question applies to other operators too (Vodafone, Turk Telekom, Bim Cell, PTT Cell and others) So right now I have TL balance in my account which I reloaded with my credit card. However, my current packet is going to expire on the 31st. If that is the case, and if I buy a new packet today, isn't there going to be an overlap of 5 days if I buy the packet today? You don't get to choose when a packet is going to take effect right? As soon as you bought the packet it begins the effective usage? Doesn't that mean that I'd better wait until my current Prepaid packet completely expires then to buy a new packet so I don't waste any duration on the overlapping period between the 2 packets? Also if I didn't subscribe to anything via TXT, would the currently packet that I'm using be carried over automatically without asking me? Or when my current packets expire I'll just manually buy a new packet that I am interested in?
  13. Update 2021 10 25 02 8 Fibabanka on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts for people without Kimlik 9 ING on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts 10 Emlak Katilim on Adnan Menderes Blvd Does not open accounts 11 Ziraat Katilim on Kazim Ozalp Road Does not open accounts 12 PTT Uchkapilar Branch and PTT Charshi Branch Does not open accounts
  14. Stopped by 2 Turk Cell shops and 1 Turk Telekom shop to confirm. And yes Indeed that tourist passport-issued SIM card will be automatically cancelled unless we use our own kimlik card to update the information at a TurkCell store, so that the SIM card can be turned into a normal, permanent sim card. https://turkishliving.com/forums/threads/mobile-phones-sim-cards-in-turkey.90618/
  15. Update 2021 10 25 Went to a couple more banks today 1 Seker Bank Cumhuriyet Road Does not open accounts without a Kimlik 2 T Bank or Turkland Bank near Cumhuriyet Road Does not open accounts for foreigners, turned away by security 3 Vakif Bank on Ali Chetinkaya Rd Opens account for foreigners, but must present PP, VM, and an Address Verification issued by Nufus 4 Halk Bank on Ali Chetinkaya Rd Does not open accounts for foreigners 5 QNB Finans on Ali Chetinkaya Does not open accounts for foreigners 6 Anadolu Bank on 14th St Does not open accounts 7 Albaraka Bank on 14th St Does open accounts for foreigners with PP, VM and Fatura
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