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  1. I know that in order to apply for a short term residence permit, I need to provide printouts of my bank statements, But where can I get access to a printer in Turkey? Do I also need to submit a copy of my passport? Where may I copy the passport in Antalya? Also, if my bank statement is in English, do I have to have it translated to Turkish? Do I need just 1 month of the bank statement or I have to submit 6 months worth? Can you submit these documents electronically without printing any of those? If documents need to be translated, where do you look for the translators in A
  2. Hi there, I am planning to eventually purchase a property and obtain a residence permit in Antalya, Turkey. But my 180 day multi entry visa only gives me 30 days per stay after I arrive in Turkey. 30 days is a very tight schedule, I know that as soon as I land in Antalya I'll transport to the hotel I reserved. Should I go meet my realtor the 2nd day or should I go obtain my tax number at the Antalya Tax Office? When should I start applying for the Residence Permit itself? Do I have to wait until my housing purchase is completed? Let's say I finished purchasing the hou
  3. Say if you found a good listing on Sahibinden, then go find yourself a buyers agent. The buyers agent will take me to the property for a view first right? If I am satisfied with the property, what happens next? How are the payments processed? Is there an escrow account? Do you have to have a TR bank account or you can wire the money using your US bank account? Do you wire the money directly to the seller's account or you wire it to an escrow? What happens if seller does not deliver after the money has been wired?
  4. I have heard a lot of red tape on getting a normal TR bank account with various banks. I can't get a residence permit until I purchase a property, but many banks seem to require a residence permit in order to open a bank account. Is Ziraat Bank still the only bank that would open an account with a Passport and a Tax Number? Does Ziraat Bank's checking account have any monthly fees and nonsense like that? Any other bank that would open checking accounts with a simple passport and a tax number? Any no fee, or fee free banks one would recommend in TR?
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