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  1. I am posting this on behalf of my brother who is a doctor in pharmacy. He would like to start his pharmacy in Turkey. I would like to know how to register as a pharmacist in Turkey?
  2. Kenn All I want is to buy any sort of property probably cheaper, just to show my reason of stay. I can live in a rented apartment but want to buy property because I will have a solid reason of stay that I own property.
  3. Ken! Thanks for the wonderful information. Yes I am a freelancer and work online. However, seeing the difficulties in renewal, i thought about buying any small shop like anything and then rent it out to add the reason of stay as "Property". I am not sure about Redders because lot of people said it can be renewed. What do you recommend? Will it work? Will i be able to renew?
  4. Hi Kenn! Can you please answer my main question? I would be very thankful to you Thanks
  5. I think you forgot that work permit can only be given by employer. I guess for a commercial property I need to register my company. Thank You
  6. I am curious that if I buy a shop in Turkey, I mean shop is a kind of property. So can I renew my residence permit every year based on my property. My reason of stay is my property (Shop). Please guide me. If the step one is not possible, can I setup the office of my company 2 Dollar Essay Education and shift it into my shop to renew my residence permit every year. Please guide me about both possibilities.
  7. I called the immigration office in Tokat and they told me that the system was recently updated and they want to me to send them biometric photos. However, I am 100% sure that I provided them biometric photos earlier.
  8. Thank You. I didn't apply for a study visa. I already had a residence permit card and I applied as a student this time. Is there a possibility that my residence permit is rejected because one of my friend also applied and she also got the same response as well and we applied in Tokat.
  9. I am a student at Tokat Gaziosman Pasa University and applied for my residence permit card one month ago. Our classes are now online due to which the immigration office gave me a Residence Permit Application Document and I came back to my country but today I received this message "Kayıt durumunuz : There is a Problem at the Phase of Card Printing. It is required to apply to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management." I am extremely worried and i called 157 but they weren't helpful. Does anyone know what this message means and In how many days do I have to go to the immigration office?
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